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Quartz worktops at low cost. Call us today to get an exclusive Quartz kitchen worktops discount!

The man-made nature of quartz means these products are manipulated during production to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

Engineered stone is created with the sole purpose to withstand even the harshest conditions and challenges modern kitchen worktops are subjected to daily.

Why quartz kitchen worktops are the superior worktop material?

Engineered quartz is composed of vast ingredients. Despite holding the label of 'synthetic product' it's actually created from a mixture of natural quartz (roughly 90%), resin (4-6%) and polymers (e.g. pigments) or additives (e.g. minerals, particles) that make up the remaining structure.

The amalgamation of these elements means that quartz becomes almost indestructible, able to withstand scratching, abrasion, staining, decolouring or general wear and tear.

As a result, quartz worktop aren't just designed to refine the aesthetic decoration of your home; they are practical, functional tools enabling you to get the most out of daily cooking, eliminating the anxiousness of causing damage to your quartz surfaces.



Engineered quartz surfaces are made to withstand. Their properties (combination of quartz, resins and polymers) makes quartz stone one of the most enduring materials on the market.

No liquid, no matter how harsh, will penetrate its surface, and best of all, in contrast to granite worktops, quartz does not require sealing. The product is saturated with liquid-repellent agents during its production, therefore the stone surfaces counter all spillages. With quartz, you’ll be able to forget about staining, warping or de-colouring.


The scratch resistant & impact resistant characteristics of quartz surfaces make it one of the most desired kitchen worktop products on the market. Various quartz worktop brands like Silestone, Compac, Fugen or CRL Quartz have perfected their products, making quartz of the highest quality; a true hard-wearing repellent of the daily kitchen grind.

Quartz worktops may be used as chopping boards themselves, as no sharp blade will subject it to scratches, dents or abrasion. Likewise, if you’re clumsy, you don’t have to worry about dropping your pots and pans, as quartz worktops do not chip, withstanding almost all impact.


Quartz is an essential material for fans of clean, hygienic and generally protective surfaces. As they are covered in a sleek, polished texture, wiping them down with a single cloth + soap will be effortless – no other form of maintenance (for example scrubbing with special agents) will be necessary.

Even heavy liquids like wine, coffee and grease detach from quartz surfaces at once, despite being left behind to dry over night. Quartz worktops are also friendly for kitchens frequently occupied by children, as all fingerprints, marker pens, stains and grimes can be instantly – and effortlessly – removed.


Likewise, since quartz does not scratch, split or sustain general damage, there will be no way for food particles to stuff these disfigurements – this ensures a hygienic, protected quartz worktop surface.

What’s more, many suppliers create quartz slabs that are layered with a non-porous, anti-bacterial coating, turning your quartz worktops into sanitary, practical work surfaces. On account of such virtues, chopping food on the stone worktops will ensure your food is safe to consume.


No matter what brand of quartz you’ll select (CRL quartz, Silestone Cosentino, Fugen, Compac, Caesarstone etc.) you’ll always have a wide palette of quartz worktop colours to select from . There are currently approximately 500+ quartz worktops colours available at Polish Granite (anything from Pietra Grey to Calacatta Gold, Carrara White or Plain Black), all ranging in vast patterns, hues, effect or motifs.

In addition, apart from the wide range of colours, quartz countertops are also abundant in an extensive option of finish textures. Vast quartz brands like Silestone or Caesarstone can offer up to four different textures: Polished, Suede, Volcano, Honed, Concrete, Rough – the final choice is left to you.


Quartz worktops are so universal that they fit into any setting. Whether your kitchens are rustic, traditional or modern, quartz worktops (thanks to the massive wealth of available colours), will blend among any environment. That’s also the reason why quartzes are implemented into public settings: monuments in parks, wall-cladding in corporate buildings, worktops in cafeterias, flooring in shopping malls etc.

Their superior durability is also worth mentioning here – no matter the application: flooring or worktops, their hard-wearing properties can withstand daily contact with potential abrasion, therefore their replacement will almost never be required.

Where can I explore the available quartz worktops colours?

You have two options to browse through our collection:

What distinguishes Quartz worktops?

Quartz countertops are the epitome of contemporary interior/exterior design.

It’s found everywhere, from modern skyscraper lobbies, to dentistry reception desks and flats designed by famous architects in the last decade.

It doesn’t just represent luxury, style and cleanliness, but above all it’s universally applicable – in other words it simply fits.

Modernity of quartz kitchen worktops UK

Being a man-made product – unlike a granite worktops (natural stone) – quartz is a concoction of vast ingredients such as resin, ground quartz, pigments etc.

During its production, the material is imbued with a bunch of anti-absorbent agents, which in turn allows the material to be completely non-porous – with no sealing required! Best of all, it can resist even the harshest of liquids – lemon juice, wine, coffee, tea – without sustaining any damage.

Of course, quartz is also as highly durable as natural stone (granite) when it comes to impact contact.

Therefore you can freely use the new kitchen worktop itself as your chopping desk, you don’t have to suppress your clumsy habits or deep-clean your kitchen worktop surface each day lest it stain or decolour.

These high quality characteristics are key to elevating quartz worktops above everything else on the present market.

In the eyes of modern architects, interior designers or developers, a quartz countertop is an infallible product, worth every penny in terms of investment.

However, it’s durability meets only half of the criteria – the ultimate availability of colours, and the tremendous palette is something that modern developers value just as much.

Superior Colour Range of quartz solid surfaces

Polish Granite supplies over 500 + quartz worktops colours – all available to order at an instant.

This palette is so extensive that our customers are finally able to pair the colour & pattern they’ve dreamt of with any style or background kitchen design.

If grey, cream, marble effect or black worktops were always on your mind to go along with your pure white units, you will have a choice of around 60 + different hues and a multitude of patterns.

Compare that to laminate kitchen worktops, which tend to be few in colour, or even natural stone granite, of which there are roughly 65+ varieties in total . . . and the number is slowly decreasing.

Not to mention that granite or marble is unpredictable composition-wise, while quartz worktop offer greater consistency.

See our Sample Gallery to get an idea of the abundance of all available colours, as well as our 3D Kitchen system, where you can play around with different cabinet colours and many different styles of quartz to see which complements which.

We also invite you to our granite, quartz and ceramic worktops Showroom, where our collection of samples is neatly displayed and our staff can show you the popular choice products and highlight the many benefits of quartz worktops so you can determine what’s best for you.

Flexibility of man made stone applications

Due to their hard-wearing properties and the high colour palette, quartz kitchen worktops have the same level of applicability as granite, and are thus well suited in many environments.

As with granite worktops, quartz surfaces can be used traditionally as utility or kitchen worktops, to clad walls, beautiful, modern stairs or flooring, bars and stunning BBQ surfaces, a bathroom – the possibilities are endless.

Let’s not forget that some quartz tops can be supplied in either matte or polished finish texture, therefore instead of a worktop, quartz may be used for anti-slip surfaces for flooring.

Silestone quartzes are also supplied in 12mm thickness, so you may opt to encase your new kitchen cabinets with Silestone’s quartz materials to form unity with the remaining quartz kitchen worktops.

Quartzes are also fantastic for various other small yet sophisticated projects: windowsills, coffee tables, chopping boards, dining tables etc.

You may design and create a custom quartz worktop, or any other project by utilising our inexpensive offcuts.

Please visit our Offcuts website, view the range of materials, search for the right colour, sort by name, brand or dimension, select the perfect offcut and reserve it for a discounted price!

What’s more, quartz is well-suited for outdoor projects – their high UV resistance and durability against ice and thawing means no extreme weather condition will impact its original structure or colouring.

The same goes for granite or marble (natural stones) or ceramic (sintered stone).

How much do quartz worktops cost? Are they affordable?

Contrary to common belief, nowadays quartz kitchen worktops are very affordable products.

Why obtaining cheap quartz worktops is possible?

The reasons are twofold:

  • Manufacturers of slabs for worktops, quartz and granite alike – have lowered their prices significantly in the past 5-7 years. When an average slab of quartz , marble or granite used to cost £1,000 + VAT, in recent years that offer has decreased to roughly £500 + VAT.
  • The second reason is Polish Granite’s fantastic relationship with all of our suppliers. Because our existence on the UK market spans 14+ years, in that time we developed trusted, reliable and integral partnerships with firms like Silestone Cosentino, Levantina, Fugen, Compac, CRL or Caesarstone, and therefore been offered superb discounts for each purchased slab.

We value our customers above everything else, and thus transfer that discount directly to you.

This allows you to purchase even cheaper quartz / granite slabs, so that you don’t limit your kitchen design or go beyond the assigned budget.

All in all, quartz worktop prices are very reasonable – especially considering you’re investing in a flawless product that will essentially span a lifetime.

Are quartz worktops cheaper than granite?

What’s the difference in price between granite & quartz? To learn this answer please either visit our blogs for more information or try our free Online Quote system, where you can compare prices between granite and quartz at own leisure.

Our Online Quotation system is unique, as it allows you to select and compare three worktop materials at the same time, irrespective of material chosen (granite, quartz or ceramic).

By playing around with the tool, you’ll have the option to generate different quotes – up to 6!

See for yourself how the prices differ and learn that our granite, quartz and ceramic worktop price offer is unparalleled.

Without a doubt, the best price for kitchen worktops can be found with the Polish Granite company.

How long do quartz worktops last?

Every material thing that we own will last far longer if we take care of the object, that is a given.

However, quality products such as quartz worktops direct, or laminate worktops for that matter are used on a daily basis, therefore it’s difficult to remember that rule.

You therefore need a product that you can freely use as a tool, without constantly worrying about damage.

Are quartz kitchen worktops good addition for a kitchen?

Our kitchen cabinets as well as worktops are constantly subjected to potential damage from boiling oil, knife scratches, staining from juices or any other factors that relate to cooking.

But damage to the kitchen worktops does not have to be inevitable.

Indeed, products such as laminate worktops or wood worktops might have a hard time, as on average they last between 4-5 years, but the qualities of quartz allow you to keep your kitchen worktops for a lifetime.

Let’s put it that way. Laminate or corian = cheap material that either scratches, dents, melts, burns, splits or stains.

Meanwhile quartz tops are a stain resistant & heat resistant solid surface that are also highly resistant to scratching & impacts.

Not to mention that it is stone, therefore it doesn’t split or crack, keeping it more hygienic in the long term.

So, are quartz worktops worth it?

The chief goal and function of modern quartz suppliers is to grant the people a near-perfect synthetic stone to meet their demands and endure the risks of persistent use.

Durability & longevity are the key benefits of this new technology.

These long lasting worktops are made & manufactured not only to brighten up your kitchen / room with elegant appearance, but also to make your investments worth it, without having to re-invest every few years on refurbishing, resulting in additional, extra charges.

Indeed, new worktops from quartz can be an initial big investment, but over time you will see that it pays itself off, since you’ll save money on constant overhauls that are usually attributed to inferior kitchen furniture & fittings susceptible to damage.

Do quartz kitchen worktops have to be frequently cleaned?

The straightforward answer is no, because grime from cooking doesn’t stick to quartz easily, nor do these kitchen worktops stain.

However, regular maintenance is advised nonetheless, because it creates a hygienic space for your daily cooking rituals.

Saying that, quartz only requires low maintenance anyway.

The surface is so sleek and imbued with such anti-stick (sometimes anti bacteria) qualities that it makes wiping away dirt & food debris quick and effortless. All you require is a cloth, warm water, mild soap and voila – a single wipe will erase all blemishes.

Furthermore, unlike granite, marble worktops or other natural stone that need to be sealed, quartz does not need regular impregnation with anti-porous agents.

That’s because quartz already contains anti-porous properties, meaning it will repel water or even strong liquids forever.

It’s yet another reason why a quartz worktop is associated with easy maintenance and unparalleled longevity over many, many years.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other enquiries, e.g. regarding our range of services (templating & installation), online/manual price plans, quartz worktop warranties, service received and more, feel free to contact us by phone. Or alternatively, get in touch via email.

We’ll ensure to provide you all required advice, complete your quotation and guide you in the right way, ensuring you choose these perfect quartz worktops for your kitchen that will suit your style and preference.

Does Polish Granite offer a free sample of quartz?

It depends entirely on our quartz stock. Sometimes our engineered stone suppliers provide a surplus of products, in other times they are scant.

We always try and give away physical quartz samples to our customers, but we cannot guarantee it due to recent change of policies and a significant lack of material.

Do you have enquiries regarding our website?

If there are any aspects apropos our website tools, functionalities or navigation, once again feel free to contact us by sending us a message via email address or giving us a call – our customer service team will be happy to help.

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