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Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Newcastle – a hotspot for modernity and flourishing style

Newcastle is a city which, year by year, proves to be growing, evolving and constantly developing in the direction of modernity. With modernity and implementation of contemporary elements come not only technological marvels, but also extra-ordinary designs.

What current trends showcase is that modern elements, like steel, copper, concrete or glass are often merged with completely natural products. Wood, raw stone, or granite / quartz for that matter. And this pattern of progression has been particularly observed in a city no other than Newcastle upon Tyne!

Are you looking for granite/quartz worktops? Get in touch!

If you are one of those individuals, who values modernity with a touch of pure nature, or hints of organic matter, get in touch with us! We supply natural granite or man-made quartz like nowhere else.

Polish Granite deals specifically with production of stone worktops from only the best sourced materials. We cooperate with international, European, certified and qualified suppliers of stone slabs. Namely: Levantina, Compac, CRL, Silestone, Neolith and many more.

It is our sincere pleasure to ensure our customers in Newcastle are supplied with such high-standard worktop materials. This is why each month we carry out over 30 deliveries into these regions alone, and complete mesmerising installations, leaving our customers satisfied for years.

Contact Us!

If stone worktops are in sphere of your interest, feel free to send us a message, call us or visit our customer service team in our Manchester offices! They will provide you access to samples, generate quotations, or grant invaluable interior-design advice!

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