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Kitchen wall-splashback: Modern, designer full-backsplash above your worktops

A full kitchen backsplash is essentially wall-cladding product that covers the walls behind your worktops with the same material as worktops: quartz marble, granite, ceramic etc.

It differs from our standard backsplashes, since there’s no limit on the size of these wall covers. Standard over-hob or over-sink backsplashes measure anywhere between 80cm x 90cm to 100cm x 100cm. Whereas with full kitchen backsplashes, you can essentially clad your entire wall.

The great thing about this service is that we don’t limit this just ot the kitchen space. You can request a marble backsplash service for your bathroom, outside BBQ kitchen etc. There are no limits; no restrictions – you ask us to clad your kitchen walls with stone, and Polish Granite carries out that service.


  • Order your full kitchen wall backsplash and a completely FREE socket cut-out
  • Personalised, made-to-measure full backsplashes for individual kitchens

Why opting for a full backsplash from quartz or natural stone is necessary for any modern kitchen?

Kitchen backsplash without grout

Opting for one, big sheet of wall cladding behind the worktops is not only a beautiful solution that complements the worktops, it also eliminates the need for grouting or painting the walls. Grouting for a backsplash tile complex can be laborious, expensive and time-consuming but above all the final result can be very unhygienic.
A kitchen backsplash and tile solution can be very had to clean. The grouting – even if miniscule – often gets very dirty, the grime is difficult to remove and intense scrubbing is required. Not to mention that the grout itself over the years can absorb various stains, chip or crack.
By contrast, a full kitchen backsplash from stone is a one whole sheet of stone material. Just think of it as a worktop surface on your wall. That means no grouting, easy cleaning and no damage. When you purchase a stone full kitchen backsplash without grout lines, you’ll save yourself money, valuable time and hassle during cleaning.

A sleek, unified appearance

Many customers often ask: ‘Are kitchen backsplashes out of style’ – we always answer that it depends on the type of chosen backsplash. Traditional subway tiles and glass backsplashes are indeed becoming less popular. The former can be unappealing due to grouting, the latter is considered ‘outdated’.
On the other hand, a stone full backsplash is an elegant and functional piece of decor that looks classy and original. If you opt for stone, you’re also purchasing a kitchen backsplash that is timeless and superbly fits the rest of the stone worktops. There’s no need for grouting, the surface isn’t made of contrasting glass – instead you are essentially extending your worktops upwards. You can lead the stone backsplash to the cabinets or have a full kitchen backsplash without upper cabinets. Some people opt to lead their full kitchen backsplash to ceiling.
With a stone full backsplash, you’re essentially creating an unbroken, uniform design that starts at the overhang of your worktops and ends at an unspecified point on the wall. This is a fantastic work of art and perfectly suits quartz countertop motifs like on carrara marble i.e. veins, speckles and blemishes that adjoin together and spread across your kitchen. We also suggest this solution for kitchens where you can’t get enough of the beauty of your granite countertop. A full backsplash will extend that natural stone composition, casting it on an eye-view level for all to admire.

Easy, swift maintenance

When it comes to the question ‘kitchen backsplash or paint?’, you only need to consider one aspect: the straightforward maintenance of stone. Quartz countertops, natural stone granite are products that can be wiped to a pristine clean with a single swipe of a damp cloth. The same applies for wall backsplashes. It’s extremely useful as the wall behind the worktops is constantly at risk of staining through food particles, grease, oil and even seemingly innocuous water that causes flaking or warping.
And while your white cabinets, grey cabinets or dark cabinets, along with the hob and worktops can be quickly scrubbed to a clean, it’s otherwise with traditional paint colors. If the wall isn’t covered with upstands or full backsplashes, it can therefore sustain damage over a period of consistent cleaning. As a reminder: stone full backsplashes do not stain or absorb water, chemicals, or acidic/oily liquids. They are waterproof and stain-proof, not to mention that they can be scrubbed with any material: bristly brushes, rough sponges etc. and repel all scratches. So, when it comes to these kitchen quartz backsplash products, you’re free to clean them as much as you like, without worrying about causing them damage.

Cheaper installation

A full backsplash is extremely simple to install. Our worktop fitters normally fit them once the ceramic/quartz countertops or natural stone worktops have already been fitted.
The full backsplashes are usually cut to custom size. During the installation we take all measurements i.e. dimensions from worktop to cabinets or extractor fans, then cut a ‘jigsaw’ template to fit that missing wall-gap with the material.
When the countertops are installed, it takes roughly 15mins to half an hour to mount the pre-made quartz backsplashes into the right wall slots. Compare that to tile backsplashes, which sometimes take days for professional installation.
Tiles are indeed cheaper than stone, but the subway tile layering can be a demanding, thus pricy process. Our stone backsplashes are a little more expensive, but the fitting is basically free due to the simplicity. You also get the quartz backsplashes instantly – there’s no waiting around for days or weeks after worktop completion for tiling to complete.

What is the best type of backsplash for kitchen? Granite, quartz or ceramic?

There’s no one specific answer as to which is the best material for a kitchen backsplash. In terms of functionality, durability and quality, all stone materials are equal in that sense.

Therefore the main thing to consider here is personal taste and the worktop selection.

  • Your kitchen backsplash and countertops can be matching pieces that complement each other. Therefore, if you’ve selected a black granite or a white quartz, you might select a full kitchen backsplash to go with granite countertops. Maybe the selection of your worktops themselves will depend on the whole composition of full backsplashes & worktops. For example, instead of plain color, you might pick a quartz slab that contains marble-like accents that sprawl across the worktop-wall surface.
  • However, if you want to create backsplash designs that contrasts your worktop, you might want to consult your personal preference. Will it be a white or grey stone that will suit your black worktops? Will you want a matte finish a gloss or another back splash texture? These are all things to consider prior to your purchase of both worktops and back splashes. Remember: you can always purchase full back splashes independently from the worktops by electing one of our offcuts.


If you are struggling with your interior design project, please let us know. Our team of professional interior designers will gladly help you out – either to pick the right kitchen quartz countertops or match the right backsplash. They are full of kitchen backsplash ideas and heave a great knowledge of colour/material matching, so they will be able to help you out in any way.

What kitchen backsplash is in style 2021? Glass or stone?

Most certainly stone. Glass is considered a little outdated by contemporary designer firms, independent interior designers, professional decorators, and architects. Stone, on the contrary, is a definition of modernity. Quartz worktops and cladding can be found in any modern interior nowadays.

People are starting to move away from wood, laminate or glass – those are elements of the 2000’s.

In 2021, concrete, grey ceramic, marble-lookalike quartz and undertones of organic resources make up the contemporary interiors around the world. From floors to quartz backsplash or even sinks – stone is the epitome of modernity.

In fact, our website Gallery showcases that quite a lot. We have a range of pictures showcasing projects from 2006 until now. You can clearly observe the difference in design or preference of styles. The evolution is grand. And while stone has always been used for interior decor, it’s blatant that in early 2000’s stone was predominantly utilised for worktops. Now, in 2021, stone elegantly dominates spaces. From ceilings to cladded cabinets, and of course the kitchen walls in form of full splashbacks.

Stone is timeless, resistant and delightful to look at. It’s no surprise a lot of kitchens these days – even traditional farmhouse kitchen types – are designed around granite, quartz and ceramic, not the other way round.

Do you offer a full kitchen backsplash installation near me?

Of course. We deliver granite and quartz countertops, as well as the back splashes to customers across the whole UK.

If you would like to book an installation or delivery service, please either call us via landline or contact us via email or one of our Contact Forms.

Which kitchen backsplash is easy to clean?

The answer is simple – stone! While a metal or marble tile backsplash is relatively easy to clean, metal is often victim to unflattering streaks, while tiles contain a lot of grouting, which over time accumulate a lot of grime; at times they even stain or lose original colour, becoming yellow in the process.

Stone full back splashes are smooth, unbroken and uniform wall surfaces that you can maintain as you would you stone worktops. Simply put a dollop of washing up liquid on a damp sponge ang give everything a wipe – it’ll come off instantly, with no resistance.

One of the grandest virtues of stone is its immaculate, stain-proof characteristic. This means that no matter how long the grease, oil or food stains hold to the surface, they will never be absorbed by glossy marble stone. Almost as if they were covered with a hydrochloric coating. Therefore, during cleaning of the cladded walls, it won’t be necessary to waste silly amounts of time scrubbing; it won’t be necessary to be very careful not to wipe the grime into the grout . . . stone back splashes exist to ease and facilitate your daily cooking kitchen, and the less pleasant chores that succeed it.

Can kitchen backsplash be purchased made-to-measure?

Absolutely, in fact every full back splash is made for individual kitchen designs. We consider every height and length of the worktop wall-space, make the templates, jot down all other necessary dimensions, and use those recordings to cut a single piece of back splash from quartz slabs. This mimics our procedures when making quartz surfaces templates.

A full back splash therefore isn’t some standard, model piece of stone. You can have your kitchen wall cladding made of any stone material, to any bespoke shape and size. There’re no limits to the length or height – whatever you covet, can be done by our professional fabricators and fitters.

If you have unique backsplash ideas for your kitchen, please let us know. We’ll come out, template everything and tailor the hand-crafted pieces in accordance to your needs.

How much kitchen backsplash cost? I need my full under-cabinet wall cladding in quartz.

The cost will depend entirely on the extent of the job i.e. the wall size, number of cut-outs needed, quantity of material required to complete the job etc. Our fabrication labour and material costs tend to be the biggest determiners of price.

As such, to get a good idea of the costs, please contact us to create you a quote for the service. Our quotations are provided in less than 24hrs and are incredibly competitive. We invite everyone to contact us and request a free backsplash quote.

Do you cut out socket holes for the kitchen wall cladding pieces?

Yes. Our team of professional fabricators can cut out any-sized hole in your back splash pieces. It’s important to us that this service is provided. After all, back splashes are very individual projects – they all differ, and every kitchen layout will have different demands. We personalise these sheets of stone and adapt them to every nook and cranny of your upper cabinets & extractor fans.

What almost every kitchen will have in common is the need for wall socket cut-outs. Sockets above quartz countertops are crucial elements that enable us to plug in any given appliance.

With our full back splashes, every piece will be precisely cut to make room for such sockets.

Contact us, if you have a question regarding a Full Worktop Backsplash!

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