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Granite and Quartz worktops in Nottinghamshire – Quick Templating and Installation

The year 2009 marks the date when we decided to expand our services and employ marketing campaigns in areas such as Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester and other major cities in the midlands of England. Our aim as a business was to supply people with the stone product they desire, and the same year our fitters have installed their first Nottingham granite worktops. Since then we have visited the city roughly 150 more times, installing full-size kitchen worktops and carrying out miniscule projects for all those interested in embellishing their homes with high standard quartz or granite. We specialise in the worktops masonry trade, and year by year reach new horizons, priding ourselves in our achievenents.


If you are from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire or West / East / North Yorkshire, and you’re still struggling to find an adequate worktops granite / quartz Company which could supply you the right stone goods (either in form of granite / quartz worktops or other services) or you are dissatisfied with the local costs for the project completion, get in touch with Polish Granite. We will provide you a fantastic granite and quartz worktops prices offer, and excellent services. But above all, Polish Granite grants access to a range of supreme stone surfaces (either natural granite or man-made quartz – including ceramic worktops).

Why Polish Granite? And why our granite and quartz products, and services?


It is vital to know that with Polish Granite you will be paying for top quality services – all the way from customer service to templating & installation. Not only we are fast and reliable with the way we work, but we also execute each project perfectly, leaving all of our customers satisfied and brimming with joy (feel free to browse our testimonials for evidence!). Our methodology is simple. Once you have sent us your kitchen plans and your desired colour & material (granite / quartz / ceramic), our team will be able to set a specific template date for fitting of your granite or quartz worktops, in accordance to your preference or requirements. Once this is arranged we come out, do all the precise measuring, come back to our Manchester workshop and cut all the granite or quartz worktops pieces. Then approx. 5-7 days later we come out with the fully cut/polished worktops and install them at your Nottingham property

A wide palette of granite, quartz, marble and ceramic surface choices – available on Polish Granite website


Our granite showroom (located in close proximity to Salford Quays), has an abundance of beautiful granite and quartz samples. Therefore we welcome all to visit! However, most of our granite / quartz samples are also available in digital-format on our website. So, if you want to choose a specific material design for your kitchen, but you are concerned that you do not know what colour to go for, feel free to browse through our online gallery of the granite and quartz colours available from all our partnered suppliers (Silestone, Compac, Caesarstone, B-Stone, Levantina, Neolith and many more). Although bear in mind that not everything we have in our showroom will be uploaded, albeit the most popular granite and quartz colours are all showcased!

If you would really love to see a sample of your desired granite or quartz colour in real life (e.g. you’re looking for something specific like black granite, quartz granite or granite marble varieties), our management may be able to send you digital photos of the worktops via email. Further, occasionally, if we are in posession of excess granite / quartz samples, we can send them via post. Many of our customers ask for this altenrative if they cannot make it to our address, either due to distance or lack of time. But worktops colour is not the only thing many wish to observe in person. It is the familiarisation with different worktops finishes (e.g. honed, sleek, slated, flamed etc) that many crave. After all, the finish nature of these worktops is best reflected via touch rather than visually. Thus, do not be afraid to make such request!

How to get your granite or quartz worktops installed in Nottingham? – Contact Us

If you have any more questions or queries in regard to the matters mentioned above, make sure to get in touch with us. Our customer service team work in the showroom from 9-5pm Mon.-Friday & 9-1pm Sat.-Sunday. Everything worktops related can be registered with them, as they are brimming with experience. They will be the ones responsible for arranging dates, creating price plans / quotation, providing advice, worktops care; they will organise your template, installation, inspection, repairs, modifications etc. The job of our specialists is to ensure your granite / quartz worktops installation process is carried out smoothly, and that our worktops fitting service leaves you with pure satisfaction.

Our Phone number: 0161 877 8361. Our Email: [email protected]

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