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An overmounted sink cut out – kitchen quartz and granite worktops

An overmount sink cut out is the second most frequently chosen worktop addition by our customers. Overmounted kitchen sinks are an inexpensive and easy way to slot a good quality basin into your worktop. Whether it’s a stainless steel or ceramic product, overmount sinks are reliable products that will complement your new stone countertop.

When you purchase you quartz or granite worktops with us, we’ll ensure to cut a flush-fit hole into the worktop for the kitchen sink of your choice. We don’t charge much and create a flawless depression for your selected inset sink – no loose ends, no rattling or unnecessary gaps. So you can enjoy your worktops, and a perfectly slotted sink for as long as possible.


  • Polish Granite provide one of the lowest sink fabrication costs on the UK market
  • Order worktops today and receive a 15% sink & tap discount from our partners, The 1810 Company.

Why an overmount inset sink is better than overmount kitchen sink?

Inexpensive costs:

When we ask ourselves what to choose: ‘an inset sink or undermount sink’, we probably have the undermounted stainless steel kitchen sink conjuring in our minds. Nowadays the undermounts are a ‘modern’ standard, utilised by interior designer across the globe. However, if you’re searching for a sink and a worktop hole cutting service at a budget, then some overmounts can really be the way forward.

By purchasing an overmount sink on quartz worktops, you can save yourself even a few hundred pounds. Not only because the sink itself will be cheaper, but so will our hole-cutting service. After all, with an overmount sink kitchen worktop, the hole does not need to be worked (polished and bevelled). With sinks inset, the installation type is also vast different, so in general our fabricators have less labour – hence why costs of this service are lowered. The difference in price isn’t staggering, but if stone worktops have always been your dream, yet you have a tight budget, opting for an inset kitchen sink is certainly the best way to dispel your dilemma.

Worktop-fitting Appeal:

Overmount sink vs undermount is also often solved by looking at a person’s style & taste. Some inset kitchen sink types, like the ceramic kind, can be very beautiful. With the undermount options, the sinks are often subject to concealment under the worktop. In some cases, the sinks are worth showing off. This is especially the case if your ceramic country-style, rustic sink magnificently blends itself with the worktop e.g. the white, marble lookalike range. The finish and general appearance of the sink should always be considered – if you’re really thinking of purchasing a peculiar eye-treat of a product, then why hide it in a base unit? It’s more than enough reason to choose the full-display flaunting ove mount option.

Is it worth purchasing an overmounted kitchen inset sink with no drainer?

As in the integrated drainer? If that’s the case then in our opinion absolutely. The more metal you have mounted on top of the worktop, the less of its stunning composition is displayed. You obscure the material with a kitchen sink + drainer i.e. a piece of unflattering metal.

And despite the drainer being quite functional, you don’t need to worry about protecting your stone granite worktops from water, since they are essentially water-proof. So even if you place you wet cups directly on top of the surface, the countertops won’t sustain any damage.

Choosing an inset sink without drainer is solely your decision. We have had customers that purchased an overmount sink without drainer and were over the moon with the result. Others, so used to their laminate worktop draining system integration, can’t seem to part with that design, and so stick to the original.

What is the difference between undermount and inset sinks?

The question ‘is an inset sink the same as undermount’ is often asked by our customers.

To answer briefly: an overmount sink is placed on top of the worktop. In other words, the bowls are inserted into an unpolished hole and the lip of the sink hooks on top of the edges of that hollow depression.

An undermount counterpart is one that is glued underneath the worktop i.e. it’s aligned with the polished and bevelled edges of the hole. This is a slightly more expensive option, since our fabricators must spend countless hours not only making the cut-out, but also polishing and bevelling it to a pristine standard.

If your ‘inset sink vs undermount sink’ dilemma is still present, feel free to browse our Gallery on our website – we have plenty of pictures from both sink types integrated into kitchen worktops.

Can I order an inset sink and drainer grooves on my worktops?

If you’re debating buying a standalone inset sink with no drainer attached, we would probably recommend leaving it as that. Incorporating cut grooves into the worktop will be quite pointless and frankly a little impractical, since the water flowing down the grooves has a blocked entrance to the sink due to the overmount ridges.

If you’re considering an overmount sink with drainer grooves, it’s best that you purchase an integrated unit of sink + drain area. Alternatively, you can invest a little bit more money and purchase an undermount, with grooves cut directly into the stone.

Is it worth having the standalone stainless steel inset sink with tap hole separately drilled into the worktop?

Absolutely, If anything, the overmount sink with tap hole embedded into the worktop is the only option we’d recommend. It’s certainly more elegant and on account of this design, the metal pieces aren’t as striking to the eye, instead they seamlessly coalesce with the worktops.

I was wondering where to buy inset sink? Can I buy an inset sink and taps from Polish Granite?

You can purchase your overmount sink with granite worktops with us. We don’t sell the sinks ourselves, but we have a reliable and successful partnership with our long-term sink & tap provider: The 1810 Company, who can supply any product you seek.

If you order your overmount sinks for granite countertops through us with the 1810 Company, you’ll be eligible for a handsome discount of 15% on everything from their store. Feel free to visit their website, add your favourite products to your basket and let us know which styles peaked your interest.

They have a vast variety of product. From stainless steel kitchen sink to copper sink type, basket strainer 1 or 1/2 bowl items, waste disposal bowls etc. They boast a wondrous craftsmanship, not to mention the quality, finishes and strength of their over mount and undermount sink materials is exceptional.

Should you need more details from the 1810 Company e.g. access to their catalogue, designs or contact numbers, please feel free to let us know.

Can an inset sink be undermounted?

Can an overmount sink be undermounted? – the answer is simple: unfortunately not. The way stainless steel and ceramic overmounted sinks are designed, it’s impossible to glue the from the underside of the worktop. Even if they come as standalone sinks, the lip, and generally the entire sink design are not made to be glued to the countertop from underneath.

Can you use an overmount sink with granite? Is undermount not better?

Please consult our answers above. But to briefly answer the ‘can you have an overmount sink with granite’ question here: the quick answer is yes, absolutely. We offer our customers two sink hole options: undermounted and overmounted. The overmounted holes are a lot cheaper, since their creation doesn’t take much of our labour (no polishing or bevelling is required).

Undermount kitchen sinks do look better on worktops, predominantly because you see more of the worktop from the top. The one negative of overmounts is that they cover some of the beautiful, stone surface. On the other hand, their primary advantage is that they are a lot cheaper than undermount kitchen sinks – both in terms of the actual sink and the inset holes we realise for our clients.

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