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Why is a stone kitchen island worth it: Marble, Quartz and Granite

As long as your kitchen is of medium to large size, a granite kitchen island could be a perfect addition to your home. Many homeowners opt for islands because they are handy, isolated stations that at any point can be converted into either a dining area table or culinary space.

They increase the cooking area, save space on main worktops as you can implement a hob, sink or pop out socket into such island, but above all they provide more storage. Their function is to make your overall experience in the kitchen easier, comfortable and efficient.

Overall, kitchen islands, and island worktops are practical countertops that increase your cooking possibilities and generally improve your daily kitchen activities.

Marble kitchen islands: the ideal solution for cooks and fans of tidiness

If you find that you never have enough room in your kitchen for food preparation, it’s because you don’t have a kitchen island. If big enough, a kitchen island as a whole can be utilised as the single cooking instrument.

You may cook your soup in the pots and place them directly on the granite (such work surfaces do not get harmed by heat), then reach out for your pan and deep-fry some fish. All while baking at the same time. It can all be done on this singular worktop station, not only allowing you to maintain cleanliness on your main worktops, but also ensuring you don’t need to move around the whole kitchen just to gain some room.

Use your kitchen island to cook, and your main work surfaces to store vast appliances, to spread out your cookbook, get ready your ingredients. Restrict the mess to one side, have everything ready at hand’s reach. Islands are fantastic solutions for avid cooks to whom space, room and cleanliness in the kitchen are essential.

Our granite kitchen islands - durable, beautiful and cheap!

Low Prices:

If you’re interested in a granite island, you can purchase the material at Polish Granite for discounted prices. We can either supply affordable slabs that may be manufactured into your bespoke island worktop, or you’re welcome to browse our offcut selection.
But please remember, while we have a wide variety of offcuts, there are few in our stock large enough to suffice for a 2m x 1.2m quartz island worktop. With our offcuts you may also opt for two different pieces of the same hue. We can always glue them together and create an almost seamless join.
If you order a slab, your choice of colours will be greatly expanded. We can supply as many as 700 different quartz, ceramic and granite worktop colours. Any ideas, themes or shades you may desire, we will likely have available.
But please be mindful, irrespective of color, opting for a full slab will come at a slightly higher price. Our slab suppliers have set prices for their materials; each slab is also one-sized (3 metres x 1.5 metres on average). Fortunately, islands are large products, so there isn’t much wastage.

Incredibile Stone Resilience

If you’re fond of casual or professional cookery and you deal frequently with oil, stains, all sorts of liquids or boiling pans, a granite, ceramic or quartz worktop will be a fantastic island material.
Sintered stone, granite and quartz are great repellers of liquid or staining in general. They do not scratch or suffer from discolouration. As such, they are considered ideal surface materials for kitchen islands.
It’s no surprise that the popularity of this material constantly booms among professional kitchens in restaurants around the world. We carried out several quartz kitchen islands projects in UK restaurants, cladding everything from worktops to floors with the material to embellish the areas with utmost safety and hygiene.

Unique Beauty

A kitchen island clad with stunning quartz e.g. Calacatta or Carrara marble lookalike cannot compare to laminate, wooden or metal work surfaces. With quartz you not only get the function of immaculate resistance, but also the unparalleled aesthetic appearance.
You can choose between various styles: stones containing traces of volcanic minerals; features like an amalgamation of grain and mirror chips embedded into the shining quartz surface; intricate compositions like organic-looking veins running through the whole quartz worktop surface and a range of other color design options.
The marble lookalike range of quartz countertops perfectly fits any colour of cabinets. Whether black, grey, brown or green the cream, a touch of organic style will match your furniture as well as the rest of general décor.

Can you cut my island worktop to size?

Of course, custom orders for your unique quartz kitchen island are always welcome. Over the past 15 years on the market we have attempted vast island kitchens, dealt with people who ordered distinctive edge polishing, created granite island worktops that are almost 3 metres long, worked into a breakfast bar etc.

Our ethos is: as long as your project is feasible, there’s nothing our team of professional manufacturers cannot do, deliver or install. With Polish Granite, there’s always some way to handle difficulty.

Is a kitchen island a good idea with children around the house?

Absolutely. It can be easy for children to pull an appliance or a knife from a standard wall-mounted worktop, while if you round things up in the centre of an island, at such heights the child has no chance of reaching the items. You can therefore use the island worktop as storage space for heavy, dangerous objects to limit children access.

For extra safety measures we also recommend some rounded corners. They are one of our most requested island worktop features, especially by those with children running around the household.

What is the maximum size of a kitchen island?

The widest measurement a kitchen island can be made to is roughly 1.5 metres. Anything after that requires a combination of two pieces and a join in the middle. That’s usually the case because even biggest vans may struggle to transport an island of that width.

In terms of length, anything up to roughly 3 metres is feasible. Once again, island transportation may be an issue, but with enough man power, it’s nothing Polish Granite can’t handle.

When purchasing a large island piece, please also consult us regarding your location and housing situation. If you live in a flat on the highest floor inside a building, it may be very difficult, if not impossible to transport the island worktop upstairs in a safe manner.

Can I put a sink into my island?

Of course. Kitchen islands can be turned into any possible design as long as space, hydraulics or logistics permit. You can ask us to cut a hole out in the worktop for a sink or hob, a tap or pop out socket. Many of our customers rest half of the island on cabinets and suspend the other half on legs to create a breakfast bar with enough seating space to allow the family plenty room for everyday eating.

What other Island design would you recommend?

Islands don’t always have to be isolated. You can create a peninsula piece, as it’s often called, with the rear end either suspended on the wall or another cabinet. You can use such peninsula island to mount a backsplash, hob and extractor fan next to the wall, and leave the remaining island room as a breakfast bar or dining space, for example.

For further design and contemporary style inspiration we highly recommend either browsing our Gallery or contacting our customer service via phone or email. We have a team full of bright, expert designers who can provide proper, professional guidance in the field of internal design.

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