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Marble fireplace surround – Décor your home with stunning stone fireplace surrounds

A fireplace should always be the eye-catching centrepiece of the living room, radiating warmth, oozing charm. It’s what you want your guests to awe at every time you visit. It’s the piece of furniture you want to relax by after a long day at work, reading your book or warming your hands by the fire in a tranquil, placid setting.

Fire surrounds from marble, granite or ceramic – choose yours, for less!

If you want to achieve that atmosphere, that perfect balance, you need to ensure your fireplace is the gem of the living room. It needs to stand out, cladded in elegant design, surrounded by a stylish material.

Why stone fireplace surround is the perfect solution for hearths and fireplaces:

Incredible resistance to heat

Marble and granite, like limestone are a natural stone, but fashioned with that extra something: a quality vital for décor around sources of heat. Marble and granite are volcanic rocks, formed from molten, compressed and aged lava.

They’re a mixture of minerals, rocks, pieces of quartz and suchlike, making them currently one of the toughest, most resistant materials on earth. Even cutting granite with professional saws or fabricating them is difficult, therefore blades have to be lined with diamond, and the rules of cutting are very strict.

But apart from showing resistance to cuts or damage, granite and marble offer incredible protection against heat. You can drop a glowing coal on its surface, expose it to high temperatures all-year-round, even press hot metal against it and no damage will occur.

This is the main reason granite & marble stone material is utilised for hearths and fireplaces. If you incorporate this material into your ornamentation, no fire, char, soot or roaring hot objects will harm the surface of your brand new fireplace surround. As such, you’ll be left with a unique, fire-proof décor that will surpass your lifetime. It’s a true investment into a reliable product that is made to last.

An aesthetic, alluring look

Utilising granite and marble for fireplaces isn’t just a functional solution. A stone fire surround can be treated as beautiful piece of décor. At Polish granite you can purchase over 100+ different granite & marble colours of stone fire surround and another 150+ of ceramic (i.e. sintered-stone) products, rendering your living room into a cosy, warm, distinctive place.

There are vast veined, grained or plain colours to choose from. We have a collection of mineral-rich designs imbued with unique pigments and peculiar details. Not to mention the hues themselves: everything from grey, white, cream, blue to black is available in store.

Therefore regardless of your setting, furniture or overall design, you can use our wide collection of colours and pick something that will instantly blend in with the local environment. A piece of a missing puzzle, so to speak.

You can browse our variety of hues physically either by visiting our fireplace warehouse showroom or digitally, by browsing our website Sample Gallery.

Straightforward, time-saving maintenance

Cleaning a stone fire surround is nothing short of easy. because of the glossy, resistant nature of granite and marble, you can simply use a piece of damp cloth and give the surface a quick rinse. No hassle, no scrubbing – with our stone products for your fire surround, cleaning will be a fast and easy experience.

So, if you’ve neglected your fireplace to avoid the cleaning effort, or if your fireplace is prone to getting messy, opt for our fire-resistant marble, granite and ceramic.

If you visit our showroom we’ll let you test our material for yourself. We can cover a sample with as much grime as possible (imitating the char and soot), and guarantee that all of it will come off with a single wipe.

A great insulator

Every professional designer knows that granite, quartz, marble and ceramic are fantastic insulators, hence why our materials are so commonly used for wall-cladding, windowsills and of course fire surrounds.

Stone keeps the heat that has radiated from the source – this is why during hot summer days, the paved path to the beach is roasting hot, and the pebbles on the beach are combusting with heat.

The same will happen if you use our material to clad your fire surround. The generated heat will seep into the cladded stone and even if the fire is put out, your granite fireplaces will maintain that heat for hours. This is pivotal during winters, when energy needs to be saved in efficient, eco-friendly ways. One of those methods is to apply marble and incorporate it into the overall design.

Contact us for professional granite fireplace surround service!

  • If your fireplaces are in need of a revamp, or you’re seriously planning to invest in a long-term, durable material for your  fireplace surround get in touch.
  • Our team of professional employees will send men out for measurement, provide you a quote and we’ll finish our cooperation off with an expert, swift but rigorous marble fire surround service.
  • It’s not worth to shop for any other, inferior materials. Stone is destined to be used as fire surrounds.
  • If you’re seeking more information regarding stone fireplaces or fire surround services, contact us. We are open almost every day 9am – 5pm and offer advice, free quotes and consultations. Not to mention our showroom doors are always open.

Can I blend my marble fireplace surrounds with wood mantel?

Of course. Blending any organic items is recommended, especially if your living room is sporting a traditional appearance. But the blend of organic elements with modern touches has also become popular these days e.g. Victorian marble fire surrounds with minimalistic use of glass walls and concrete floors.

Unfortunately, we only deal with natural stone fire place creations. We do not provide wooden mantelpieces, but we cooperate with many carpenters that would be willing to integrate their creation into our stone fireplaces design.

Feel free to leave us with the sizes and we’ll sort through the stock, then help find you the perfect complementary piece to the granite or marble fireplaces project.

Marble fireplace surround for sale: How much is it?

Marble fireplaces and their prices will range from different numbers. In truth, it all depends on the size of your new fireplace, the type of cladding you’d ask for, the material you choose.

Of course, if you’re going to purchase a slab for your fire surround project, it will be more costly. Should you opt for our offcuts, you’ll only be purchasing the stone you need for the marble fire surrounds (no wastage), therefore prices of our offcuts are lower. To consult the beautiful range of our kitchen worktop offcut stock, visit here.

In brief, the price will strictly depend on your choice and the size, extent of the project. If you’re interested in marble fireplace surround cost, we recommend you get in touch with us via email or phone and receive your free quote.

Once you pick your fire surround stone we’ll ask you for rough dimensions, any special requests or bespoke design features then quote you accordingly. Once you accept the fireplace surround price, we’ll crack on with the order and complete the pieces within a few days.

Please bear in mind that delivery and installation costs are added.

Do marble fireplace surrounds and hearths increase the property value?

Absolutely. Stone in general is a very fashionable resource and therefore desired in many homes. Not only is it eye-catching and a warm, focal point of each living room, it’s also very durable, as we explained above. Durable materials tend to withstand the test of time, and all that is everlasting is highly-priced, since it’s a long-term, reliable investment.

Most of our customers who opted for fire surrounds and granite worktops (whether they own a house or apartament) were able to increase the value of their property even by up to 5%. They never regret it, claiming that investing in marble fireplaces in particular was a great choice.

Can I order custom made granite fireplaces?

Yes – all of our orders are bespoke. We never mass-produce anything. Even smaller projects like stove stands or mantels are made at customers specific request. So, if you’re looking for custom fireplace surrounds for sale, you’ve arrived at the right place.

When we come out to measure we template each single section of your new fireplace (the hearth, filler panels, mantel shelf, stoves cladding, legs, back panel, ash pits or basket wood log burner). Whatever you request us to clad, we measure to size, create templates, prepare the order and get it delivered & installed at a suitable time.

The whole point of these projects is to create a sleek, bespoke design for you that will suit your living room. Therefore all preferences, visions and unique ideas are welcome.

Contact us, to discuss your new project!

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