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Worktop hob cut-outs for granite, ceramic and quartz surfaces

One of the main tasks given to our worktop fabricators is to cut out a hole for the hob of your choice. When we come out to templating, our fitters record all dimensions of your portable induction hob and use that information during cutting.

We always ensure that the custom holes are professionally made i.e. that enough support is given for your hob; that there’s no rough edges to the hole or loose ends. You want the induction hob to be firmly set within the hole – any rattling or movement is unacceptable. We ensure your induction hobs fit the worktops so well, it will seem as though they were always unified.

We serve every customer professionally and fulfil every demand. Therefore, if you require of us to create two or three induction hob holes, or if you need a custom hole with additional cut-outs for your BBQ tools and accessories, we can absolutely make that work. We stick to a high standard when it comes to fitting and fabrication of granite worktops, however, we try to avoid standard templates. If you require a bespoke, unique element for your worktops, we’ll be at your disposal.


  • All hob cut-outs will be subject to a discount once a worktop order has been placed.

Why induction hobs and induction cooking are better than freestanding cookers?

Freestanding cookers are fantastic products: they usually have a lot of heat power and their quality tends to be unmatched. Unfortunately, though, when compared to induction hobs, they have far more shortcomings:

  • An induction hob seamlessly fits into your worktop. Because of its flat surface, you can still use that space for cooking, rolling out your dough or preparing drinks. It’s essentially a hidden heating compartment, that’s only used when it needs to be used. When it’s not, it forms the rest of your worktop. It’s a beautiful blend that’s not only elegant and smart, but also modern.
  • When it comes to contemporary designs, a lot of them push the idea of minimalism. Unfortunately, freestanding cookers are not minimal. They’re often bulky items that take a lot of space but also create an asymmetrical divide between your fresh stone worktops. If you seek to create a modern look, you should avoid that. Induction hobs are integrated into your worktops, therefore the unity is preserved and the stylish, sleek appearance is maintained. All touch controls are blended into the cooking surface, significantly improving your kitchen experience.
  • Speaking of bulkiness, the freestanding cookers take a lot of room. If you have a petite kitchen, opting for induction hobs will save you a lot of invaluable space. Nowadays even gas hobs are very compact in size, and the ovens can be slotted into one of the cabinets. A freestanding cooker measures on average 70cm x 100cm – it’s unnecessarily big.
  • If you’re an avid cook and you’re concerned about the poor power of standard hobs and thus the induction cooking, then worry not. You can purchase electric gas hobs that match the freestanding cookers in intensity. Yes, you surface will no longer by on flush with the hob, but at least it will be integrated and possess that touch of unity.
  • Granite, ceramic and quartz are heat-proof. Therefore no matter how intense the heat-source or how close to the worktop, the material won’t sustain any damage. You can even place hot pots, plates and pans on the worktop, and no stains/blemishes will arise. This is the primary reason portable hobs suit stone so well. People nowadays are too concerned about damaging their laminate worktops or wood worktops, therefore they opt for freestanding cookers. With stone you can dispel those fears, and finally purchase a product you like.

Do you sell induction hobs?

Unfortunately not. We are only the fabricators of stone. We create the necessary holes in the worktops for the likes of hobs, sinks, taps etc. But that’s the extent of our work.

However, if you contact us about your worktops, we’ll gladly recommend a website on the UK market where you can purchase a reliable induction cooking hob for great deals.

Will you fit my electric hobs into my worktops?

Unfortunately not. We do not possess the right electrical qualifications to fit the hobs ourselves.

But once again, we have many internal contacts with partners that can execute that job for you. If you’ll need help and require contacts to a professional, please let us know and we’ll provide you their details, for no costs or obligations.

I want to change my portable induction for my existing stone worktops. What should I do?

We’d advise checking the dimensions of your old hob and the new one you’re planning to purchase. If they match or are more or less identical, then you should be fine to purchase it and slot it directly into the original hole. The difference in weight won’t be a problem, as stone is very durable.

However, should the new hob be a lot bigger, a modification to the worktop itself might need to be made. If that’s the case, please contact our customer service and we’ll organise material cutting services to enlarge the hole, if still plausible . . .

Should the new hob be smaller, you might still be fine to slot it into the original hole. If it’s otherwise, please contact us and we’ll try to help by providing alternative options.

Do I need my hob for the kitchen worktops installation?

Not necessarily for the installation, as we don’t install the worktop hobs anyway. However, when we come out to templating (measuring), it’s vital that you have the hob on site. We always record all of its dimensions and preferably take the manual with us so we know exactly what size hole we need to cut out.

Making a hob cut-out is not a matter of complication, but the process requires a lot of precision and attention. To ensure this precision is achieved, we need the exact hob instructions to gauge the dimensions.

If you’re concerned that you won’t have the kitchen hob in time for the templating, you don’t need to worry. If you point us out to the website of the manufacturer, and the model you’re planning to purchase, we’ll make the hole in accordance to the measurements provided on the manufacturers website. But remember: once you tell us to do this, there is no changing your mind – you’ll have to purchase the type of the initially elected hob.

Can kitchen backsplash be purchased made-to-measure?

Absolutely, in fact every full back splash is made for individual kitchen designs. We consider every height and length of the worktop wall-space, make the templates, jot down all other necessary dimensions, and use those recordings to cut a single piece of back splash from quartz slabs. This mimics our procedures when making quartz surfaces templates.

A full back splash therefore isn’t some standard, model piece of stone. You can have your kitchen wall cladding made of any stone material, to any bespoke shape and size. There’re no limits to the length or height – whatever you covet, can be done by our professional fabricators and fitters.

If you have unique backsplash ideas for your kitchen, please let us know. We’ll come out, template everything and tailor the hand-crafted pieces in accordance to your needs.

Contact us, if you have a question about Hob Cut-outs!

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