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Stone bar tops: Granite and quartz marble-lookalikes

Adding some resistance to your bar, pub or club surfaces should always be a priority. When drinks, cocktails and shots pour all night, you need the top to withstand this intensity. Bar mats are never enough and it’s almost guaranteed that at the end of the shift you’ll have to thoroughly scrub the bar area from dripping liquid and sticky stains.

That’s why a solid granite bar top is a must.

A Quartz lookalike marble bar top: the epitome of ultimate resistance

The impeccable strength of stone bar tops

A bar top made from stone like granite or quartz is resilient against impacts, staining, scratching or decolouring. Therefore you won’t have to worry after every shift over the condition of your bars – all it takes with granite is a simple wipe and the excess liquid, grime and stickiness are removed at once from the solid surface work tops.

Easy maintenance

A key aspect of a comfortable work environment behind the bar is easy, quick and straightforward cleaning of the surfaces. Granite is not only a beautiful surface, it’s also a tool enabling the employees to keep the countertops in great condition, outside and during working hours. The sleek, durable nature of quartz, as well as their anti-liquid-penetrative qualities means the material is fully suitable for quick cleaning. The properties of granite are an assistance, an aid to the employees, who, with a single wipe of a damp cloth keep the granite bar tops shiny and hygenic.

Customer Impressions

Make your business place stand out and grant your customers that wow-factor by finishing your bar with an elegant look. Remember that apart from excellent service, the aesthetics and general appearance is a vital factor impacting customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, with out quartz and granite selection you’ll have a range of granite bar tops colours to choose from. Anything from the modern marble-lookalike stones to plain black, brown and mirror chipped grey materials. Whatever stone bar tops you’d like to fuse with the venue design, we’ll have it available.

Why stone is the optimal solution for bar tops in your venue?

  • Firstly, by applying granite, quartz or ceramic you’ll prevent any long term damage to the bar top. Granite (when sealed) and quartz repel all sorts of liquids – even heavy, dark drinks like wine, coffee, orange, tomato or lemon juice won’t absorb into the granite surface. I.e. almost all components of popular cocktail drinks (Bloody Mary, Mojito and the like) . . . Therefore you’ll protect your granite bar tops from staining or warping as a result of constant exposure to damp and wetness. Laminate and wooden bar tops do not have that resistance. Within months or even weeks they will endure staining, cracking, warping and other signs of stress, meaning their eventual replacement will be inevitable.
  • Secondly, materials like granite, quartz or ceramic (sintered-stone) show fantastic resistance against mechanical damage. Stone is known for its unmatched strength – it barely ever chips or cracks or breaks, no matter what you drop on it or how much pressure you subject the bar top to. This is a crucial attribute and for many bar and pub owners a true deal breaker.
  • Beers, cocktails, starters, appetisers – sometimes we utilise the bar worktops to cut some fruit and veggies for Pimms, chop the limes for Corona and prawns for that prawn cocktail salad. The point is, a granite bar top withstands any cuts and scratches, so not only you avoid the chopping boards, you can also use the top for cutting and eliminate all anxiety about potential damage.

Can I insert a socket cut-out into the bar top?

Absolutely. We can alter, cut and modify your bespoke countertops to match even most demanding project designs. Our products are very flexible curtesy of the great skill of our manufacturers and the advanced CNC cutting technology we use to produce the sought granite worktop design.

As such, you can ask us to cut out sink and tap holes, special ice bucket holes (polished or unpolished), grooves and drainage areas, extractor fan holes and of course pop out socket cut outs.

But Polish granite’s flexibility extends to other things and aspects of creating that ideal stone granite surface. You may request a custom edge profile finish, a granite product with upstands, an option with a stone splashback covering the walls, tops with embedded unique elements like iron rods, padding or cut out niches for the beer-mats etc.

If you have a granite bar tops project that’s quite unique, it’s worth giving us a call, relaying your idea and enquiring about feasibility.

Can you deliver and install my marble bar top?

Yes. In 2019/2020 we’ve completed over 30 granite bar projects. Of which 5 were in pubs, where we covered a whole network of granite worktops in the front/back of the house. We provided a hotel restaurant stunning ceramic bar tops as well as the stone kitchen worktops themselves. Of course we layered professional bars with stone bar tops and even some private home bars that people built in their homes/garages during the COVID lockdown.

So no matter what granite project you have in mind (kitchen design bar tops, unique pub or granite home bar projects), we’ll fabricate the stone and fit them accordingly. In terms of installation, we cover every region in England, Scotland and Wales and deliver to every building site: flats, homes, remote cottages, offices etc.

To enquire about installation costs simply message us and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote!

Is quartz good for any other features in my pub?

Indeed. There are vast applications for quartz, granite and ceramic in public buildings like pubs, restaurants or bars.

As we mention above, granite, quartz and ceramic are very resilient materials. Therefore you can use them for a range of applications. From kitchen worktops (ideal for chefs who are constantly cooking and like to maintain high cleanliness and damage-free standards) to cladding of flooring, walls and ceiling (therefore preventing any mechanical defilement). In a public building area like shopping mall, pub, bar or bank, it’s vital that the design encompasses a material that will last for a lifetime, despite the constant exposure to potential damage (from thousand passing boot-soles to humidity and general wear and tear).

Will you cut my stone bar tops to size?

Yes. One thing that makes stone special, is that thanks to our advanced machinery, granite can be cut to any provided dimensions. You can therefore opt for a 4 metre rectangle strip for your bar or a round granite worktop for your restaurant tables. Our granite products can be manipulated to suit any place, any parameter, any demands. On account of stone you can make your place stand out & avoid the standard look of simple worktops, it’s up to you what you prefer, which shape, colour and size. You choose and our installers take care of the rest.

We strongly suggest you check out our gallery for pictures taken from our granite tops jobs. For one, you’ll get an idea of what we’re capable of. Secondly, you might gain extra inspiration for your site design tanks to she showcased options.

Do you offer natural marble bar for sale?

Sadly natural marble is not fit for worktops of all types, especially those dedicated for kitchens or heavy-duty bar tops. Organic marble is soft and therefore quite brittle. If something is dropped on it, it can sustain scratches or even chips – as such natural marble should only be used for strictly decorative means: wall cladding, windowsills, bathroom tiling etc. By no means should marble be used for flooring, worktops or any other places where risk of damage is high.

Luckily, we have many quartz marble-lookalike colors that can be purchased for worktops. They possess the natural-look qualities of marble, however, in contrast to the organic counterpart, quartz is nearly indestructible. If you seek organic-look top options, please get in touch or visit our showroom where we’ll introduce you to over 80+ marble-lookalike varieties, best suited for your bar.

Can you provide a marble bar and stools?

We are only providers of granite worktops. Therefore apart from offering ale & installation of a granite bar top, we do not supply any addition elements like legs, units (cabinets) or accessories such as stools or ice buckets. Regardless, we can modify the worktops to fit any of those accessories.

However, if you give us a call or get in touch via email, our customer service team will happily work with you to find that perfect worktop stone granite material as well as the accessory product. We not only have connections with many trusted home furnishing suppliers, our team also has vast life experience in the field of interior design – so you can always use them as a guide to search for an option that seamlessly blends in with your granite worktops.

Contact us, to discuss your new project!

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