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Stone coffee table from Granite and Marble Quartz

Coffee tables are an essential piece of furniture in every living room. We use them almost every day to sit by on the sofa, drinking coffee in the morning or a cocktail on Saturday evening, either warming our feet by the fireplace or simply watching TV.

Coffee tables have three purposes:

  1. To hold our drinks or food for us whilst we relax back on the couch, without us having to hold the plates on our knees and cold drinks in our hands.
  2. Secondly, they are a decorative piece. A living room is always brightened with elegance and class if the interior contains such coffee table – not to mention they always fill up the space, thus making the room far more cosy.
  3. This is entirely optional, but most coffee tables are used as storages. While the top is usually filled with a vase and flowers, a snack bowl or coasters, the bottom tends to be used as storage. Most coffee tables are fitted with some sort of space for our living room objects. Whether it’s a full trunk, some drawers or a simple tray / shelf – all of it can be used to hold our books, newspapers, coasters, TV remotes, a deck of cards or a collection of other household articles.

Why granite quartz and ceramic make for a perfect coffee table surface?

The answer is simple: as was mentioned above, the primary role of these furniture pieces is to safely hold our food or drinks while we chill back on the couch. On account of coffee tables we don’t have to leave drinks on the floor, risking knocking them over; our snacks are always at hand – we don’t need to make a mess on the sofa, trying to balance the bowl on a cushion our our legs. In brief, coffee tables are tools designed to ease our daily living room life and provide a sense of comfort.

By that logic, the products, and their surface, need to be made of sturdy, resistant material. And in terms of resistance, granite, quartz or ceramic are unmatched surface products on the current market.

The benefits of a quartz or granite coffee table

Granite and quartz are hard stone rocks that can withstand almost any harmful impact. While the former is a natural stone, it’s organic lava-cooling formation makes it one of the toughest materials on the planet. The latter, quartz, is man-made, however 90% of its composition is ground-up natural quartz, a material just as durable as granite. Ceramic, or sintered-stone, is a second man-made material that is arguably tougher than both granite and quartz . . .

Therefore when polished, cut to size and transformed either into worktops or stone coffee tables, these stones represent an ever-lasting quality that repels almost any negative impact. No mug siding across its surface, no broken glass nor sharp knife will scratch either for the three materials. The same applies for staining, because even the toughest of liquids (wine, coffee, citric acid etc.) won’t absorb into stone. Even if left over night, no coffee or wine ring stains will de-colour your granite, quartz or ceramic.

That way you can purchase an element for your living space that will not only last you a lifetime, but also saves you money and the stress of damaging your coffee table should you spill something. With stone coffee tables you’ll be able to protect your floors, rugs, the items stored underneath the table but above all, the frame of the coffee table itself.

Think of cladding your coffee table with stone as a positive investment, a means of protecting your living space as a whole. Just as you would purchase a case for your expensive smart phone, covering your worktop space with stone surfaces is just as vital. Take this into consideration especially if you have a clumsy baby / child or a habit of dropping things yourself.

The beauty of a granite, quartz and ceramic coffee table

It’s important to remember that opting for a stone surface doesn’t just come with protective advantages. Stone table top surfaces are also unique, beautiful and original designs that dominate any interior.

If you want your stone coffee tables to become the centrepieces of any living room, you’ll have plenty of choice to do so. Our offcut selection is bountiful in intricate quartz, granite and ceramic materials you can use to create your bespoke coffee table.

You may choose a purely organic granite design: mineral-rich stone filled with a blend of other-worldly particles. Our marble-lookalike quartzes possess vast veiny, speckled and unpredictable compositions. There are also materials strictly man-made in appearance e.g. Azabache quartz (a black quartz with imbedded mirror flecks) or White Shimmer (white quartz with minute grains and glitter fused into the composition). While our ceramic offcuts tend to be more plain in design, they make up for it in the unique 6mm, 8mm and 12mm thicknesses (restricted solely to ceramic), as well as a range of unique textures (matte, oxide, river washed, gloss polished, leathered, chrome etc.).

Can I request my stone coffee table to be done in any size?

Of course. You provide us the measurement, sizes and other requirements (e.g. edge profile, round corners etc.) and we carry out the order for you. There isn’t one standard size you need to adhere to. This is why working with us is so flexible. You pick your frame, your preferences, then simply contact our team, choose your desired material type, learn our price range and voila. Your product order for the bespoke design is placed and in a few days, it will be ready for pick up or delivery.

Remember, we you can order a custom table for other interiors too: bedroom furniture, bathroom products, perhaps a table for our office.

You make the specification, place the requests, equip us with style agenda and give the last call. We adhere to those preferences and make an attempt to create that perfect stone coffee table for your home.

Can you deliver my stone coffee table to a specific location? Like London?

Absolutely. We can arrange a secure, insured delivery to almost any place across the UK. Our delivery options are vast, therefore any customer across the nation can place an order and await their stone coffee tables to arrive. Likewise, anyone is welcome to visit our showroom or work shop and browse through the range of products. Unfortunately at the moment we only have two showrooms in Lancashire: One in Preston, one in Salford, Manchester. However, in future we will expand.

If you cannot visit us, please explore all our available colours on our Sample Gallery data base. You can use a number of filters categories to narrow the selection down and pick your favourite shades. Once that’s done, please get in touch and we’ll attempt to find you an offcut of exact or near-exact match or contact our partners regarding availability.

Those who are planning to visit us from across the country, are welcome to call us or contact us via an email address to book a private appointment. In that time we’ll dedicate ourselves to ensure you nail your design, choose the right shades & finish, elect the right shape and include those perfect features, leaving our place with a placed order for that ideal material.

Do you provide the fitting / installation service?

Yes. We not only arrange a delivery but also install our stone products wherever our customers need them.

Upon placing your order we’ll ask you whether you need the table top installing. We’ll also price you for the service. Please bear in mind, however, that we only install on pre-prepared frames (i.e. glue the stone surface to the frame or drill it onto the base). We never offer the assembly of your actual body / frame of the coffee table. Therefore before our fitters arrive, please always ensure that your coffee table frame is in place and that it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the potentially heavy stone. We do not take any responsibility for the potential collapse of the frame.

Can I purchase my stone coffee table with glass top?

When it comes to stone, there is no point to request us to finish it with a glass top / cover. Stone itself is glossy and very durable, therefore the glass top won’t be necessary to protect the surface. Had you opted for something less durable e.g. marble, wood or laminate, then of course, but with the glossy finish of resilient stone, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Can your stone coffee table for sale renew my old, decrepit furniture?

One hundred percent. If we analyse our customer data base, most of them love the frame of their original coffee table, but unfortunately despise the heavily worn, stained wood, laminate or metal top.

If you are ready to convert your old coffee table, or eliminate the outdated appearance, feel free to get in touch.

By purchasing a stone coffee table you can once again adorn that furniture with some elegance, style and a touch of resistance for future. This doesn’t just apply to coffee tables either – cladding windowsills, fireplace surrounds, flooring etc. also results in a fantastic transformation.

What are the prices of your stone coffee tables?

A brand new coffee table can be a costly component of home decoration. That’s if you purchase a brand new item, but even the used furniture stores have their prices set high.

With us, you’ll pay little to nothing and have a tasteful, fashionable product rife with sophistication. The prices of our coffee table tops are very affordable, on average ranging between £50 to £150. That means you can purchase a cheap body, and embellish it with our quartz, granite or ceramic products for little to no cost.

Cut yourself the unnecessary expenses, obtain a cheap table base body and contact us for an affordable stone surface that will last you for years and years to come and impress all visitors.

Should you have any specific questions regarding price for your coffee table design, feel free to contact our customer service team or email us directly. We also have plenty blogs which discuss our products prices – you may find those by clicking on the ‘News’ page on our Main Menu tab. You may also enter a specific topic into the search bar and trawl through the results.

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