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Bathroom worktops from solid Granite, Quartz and Ceramic

Embellish your bathroom with a worktop or vanity top that not only looks good, but also lasts a lifetime.

Refurbishing a bathroom can be a complicated process. You need to opt for materials that can are immune to damage from excessive moisture or staining. For the walls, most people opt for a range of tiles. The toilet and sink are usually composed of ceramic. Other fittings and elements are either made up of glass, metal or mirror. But what of the bathroom countertops?

Laminate worktops or wooden surface worktops fail immediately, no matter how lacquered or water-resistant the wood is. Even the likes of cedar and white oak warp, bend or develop mould in creases, scratches or natural grains. Whether it takes two or ten years for damage to develop, unfortunately such materials are never last forever. We therefore discourage our clients from utilising them as worktops. Bathroom worktops especially, of all places.

Why granite, ceramic and quartz surfaces work so well as bathroom worktops?

Opting for a granite, quartz or ceramic bathroom worktop is a perfect idea on account of their unmatched resistance. A bathroom worktop is constantly exposed dangers like water, moisture, make-up or toothpaste stains. Not to mention agents and chemicals like CIF and bleach. This means that if you want your worktops to last more than a few years, you must opt for one our our three stone surfaces.

Investing in a refurbishment or re-decoration of a bathroom is not a cheap task, and you certainly don’t want to repeat the process every few years. To ensure you have a solid, reliable foundation for your bathroom, granite, quartz or ceramic is the only way to achieve the best, cost-efficient result.

We often recommend granite, quartz or ceramic (sintered-stone) for our customers and their kitchen worktops. Not only are these products highly water-repellent, they resist impacts, scratches, they do not chip or stain. They form the epitome of a perfect kitchen worktops product, not only avoiding damage for many decades but also increasing your home value.

But if granite, quartz and ceramic (fabricated into kitchen worktops) complement a kitchen so well, then the same applies for bathroom worktops. You’ll no longer have to worry about your toothepaste stains seeping into the worktop, the water or change in temperatures warping your old laminate worktops or mould gathering in the laminate bathroom worktops cracks or dents. Quartz, granite or ceramic will suffice to provide you comfort, a guarantee of safety and a generally anxiety-free optimal experience.

Can quartz improve your daily bathroom experience?

Absolutely. Not only the maintenance is almost effort-free, since glossy quartz worktops are easier to clean than laminate, but also any signs of stains, rust, grime or water rings simply do not stick to quartz bathroom worktops, nor do they get absorbed.

But owning a quartz, granite or ceramic countertop in bathrooms is also a good antidote for a stressful life of those anxious about damaging their countertops.

As we mentioned above, ceramic or quartz bathroom worktops are impregnable by water, liquids even acids, and no scratching or heavy blows will ever impair such countertop. But that’s not the only quality worth mentioning. Ceramic or quartz worktops are also invulnerable to discolouration. In other words, no stain will be absorbed by the quartz bathroom worktops or impact its structure, therefore the surface will retain its original, pure and radiant colour for a lifetime.

So, if you wish to create a lavatory of your dreams that will eliminate your anxiety and bring a daily smile to your face, we highly recommend a quartz, granite or ceramic surface.

Can you modify and shape my vanity top to a custom bathroom design?

Absolutely. We will take into regard all your plans, designs and ideas to create that perfect bathroom worktop. Many clients ask us for oval shapes, special grooves and water ingress features, rounded corners and unique edge profiles. Anything you can imagine for your bathroom design – Polish Granite can tackle everything and every challenge, carrying out your dreamy order.

If you wish to gain some inspiration, or browse our portfolio of finished vanity and bathroom jobs, feel free to browse our gallery website. We have a rich collection of images taken on our jobs or provided to us by our customers. Once there you can find everything from kitchen worktops to stairs or bathroom projects.

Would you suggest tiling around quartz bathroom worktops?

Yes, tiling of any kind will beautifully fit around your new quartz bathroom worktops. Stone is by nature sleek, glossy and smooth, therefore tiles are a great supplement. However, please be mindful that other alternatives exist, e.g. our selection of thin 6mm ceramic sheets that we may use to clad your bathroom. Not only is ceramic beautiful, you can essentially clad a whole wall with one sheet. So forget grouting or distasteful gaps and clad you wall with sintered-stone.

If you’re quite clumsy, or conscious that you may drop something on your tiles, we also recommend ceramic or quartz as a flooring solution… Stone doesn’t break or smash like tiles, when met with heavy impact.

Is marble a good surface for bathroom use?

The quick answer is that natural, quarried marble is not applicable for worktops as it’s a softer material. It is however ideal for other types of décor – marble can easily make for other types of accessories like shelves or windowsills in your bathroom.

The long answer is that while natural marble may not be an optimal material for bathroom use, marble-lookalike quartz will. You can now purchase the sturdy, resistant, everlasting quartz in a variety of organic composition designs and range of colours. It’s essentially a man-made material, with all the best properties that is created with that natural look in mind for lovers of purely natural stone. You may choose quartz colours like Calacatta or Carrara, Marquina or other veined quartz worktops with intricate, stunning details.

Can I purchase my bathroom countertop from your offcuts? Is that cheaper?

Absolutely – most of our individual, one-off bathroom or kitchen worktops orders are made utilising our offcut selection. Last year alone we’ve embellished over three dozen homes in Manchester with mini worktop projects, replacing old laminates and suchlike.

The process is simple. We invite you to our showroom, you browse our collection of offcuts, select one product of your choice and commission us the order, detailing special requirements etc. We quote you, present the price (VAT inclusive) and we crack on with the project. You only pay for the material you require – off cuts are therefore a perfect solutions for those on a tight budget.

Our offcut selection contains plentiful quartz worktops products. If you wish to emulate a classic style to fit your rustic furniture, opting for Carrara, Blue Pearl or Crema Marfil may be ideal. Should you wish to get something more trendy or contemporary, the Black Mirror Quartz or Star Galaxy Granite styles will do the job. You may also go for a blend of old and new – quartz is a universal product.

If I place a worktop order from your offcuts, will you deliver to my home?

Yes – we deliver across the whole of UK. Our other services include installations, repairs and general free interior design advice which we can either provide by paying you a visit or inviting you to our showroom.

Please be mindful: we charge for deliveries and shipping of all kinds, the same goes for installations. Therefore if you’re interested in a delivery, please contact us. Our phone, email address are and social media links are all provided on our Contact Page.

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