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Granite, quartz and ceramic worktops downstands: 3+ cm extensions for countertops

Downstands are essentially an extension to your standard thickness worktops. Our granite and quartz slabs are only provided in 3cm max thickness, whereas most ceramics are supplied in 2cm only. Therefore, if you wish to have a stone worktop that is much thicker e.g. in the range of 4-7cm, downstands are the only way to achieve that depth.



  • We offer discounts to all customers purchasing large-scale worktop orders
  • Our professional fabricators are willing to create even up to 15cm extensions
  • All downstand worktops are professionally cut, polished and installed

Why 4cm+ granite worktop downstand might be the better choice?

Personal Preference

Contrary to oak or laminate worktops, majority of granite, quartz and ceramic are supplied in max 3cm height. Therefore if you’ve previously had wooden worktops that rose to a depth of 4cm+, then lowering down the working surface that extra centimetre or two might be very jarring to your eyes. Indeed the difference isn’t staggering .- plus you might get used to the new height – but some of our customers simply prefer bulkier worktops; they’re not fond of change. Implementation of downstands is their solution.
Downstand extensions are especially handy if you’re refurbishing your kitchen. For example, if you’ve previously had 5cm laminate kitchen worktops, and therefore worked your wall tiles around those worktops, you might have a small problem when purchasing a 3cm worktop – the gap between the tiles and worktops won’t look appealing. The solutions are few: either replace the tiles, purchase our upstands (see the product here), or opt for quartz worktops downstands, which will raise that maximum height on flush with the tiles.


Sometimes a 4cm+ deep worktop has a much more favourable appearance in a given interior than a thin equivalent. Despite the 2cm worktops increasingly growing in popularity, sometimes if a colour has a lot of depth e.g. the marble-lookalike range, it looks incredible if the veins or minerals flow down the side of the worktop in waterfall motion.
The extensions have a predominantly decorative purpose. Therefore while some interior designers might consider thinner kitchen worktops as more attractive, professional decorators might think otherwise. And a layperson may value something in between. What matters is that the thickness, colour of the worktops and the whole composition matches the overall kitchen design: kitchen units, flooring, lamps and other accessories.

Increased Height

We’ve had a lot of customers over the years that were very tall men and women. Either professional volleyball or basketball players for example. In other words, people that prefer the extended kitchen worktop height to stop, or at least limit the constant stooping. And rather than increasing the height of base units, they prefer to give the kitchen worktops a bit of an uplift.
As such, in an easy way you can use the downstand worktop as a component that not only transforms your kitchen, but is also a functional instrument, helping you with every day kitchen experience, regardless of your height.

Can I request any edge profile on my quartz worktops downstands?

Most of them, yes. There are a few exceptions of granite worktop and quartz worktop edge profiles that do not work with the downstand format. The most popular are Pencil Edge profile or Pencil Round, but other, more obscure edges like Full Bullnose might be a little more difficult or outright impossible to execute. Sometimes the nature of material e.g. fragile, mineral-rich granite may also exclude some edge profiles.

As such, before you decide to go for granite downstands, feel free to consult us in terms of edge profiles and we’ll suggest the plausible options.

Will it look odd if 6-8cm worktops are mounted upon the kitchen units?

Not necessarily. Remember that prior to installation of your worktops, you can ask your fitter to lower the base units a little, to ensure the extended kitchen worktops are roughly at your waist level.

It’s vital to understand that the main point of kitchen worktops is that they are comfortable and easy in use. Indeed, downstands play a big role in interior decor, but should also be used reasonably and with convenience in mind.

So prior to opting for the worktops, it’s best that you make a wooden template of a 6-8cm piece of countertop and perch the material upon unit surfaces. Preferably, we’d recommend to cook something on that temporary worktop, and then come to a decision which height is most optimal.

Does your company provide kitchen worktops downstands on breakfast bars?

Yes – any worktop surface can be clad in downstand countertops. From a breakfast bar to kitchen island. But as we state above, before opting for downstands please ensure their height will be convenient during everyday use. The function of worktops, especially stone worktops, is to ease your daily cooking experience. So, if you are fairly short or live with a handicapped person, maybe it’s best to stick to 4-5cm max worktop depth on all surfaces.

Do you have suppliers that can provide 4cm worktops? Like with wood?

Unfortunately not. All of our ceramic, quartz and granite slabs are provided in max 3cm thickness. Hence why the material extension service is so frequently chosen by customers around the UK.

What’s more, this restriction on 3cm also applies to the EU area. Very few suppliers consider supplying slabs of 4cm+ size mainly because of transportation. A slab of a 3cm granite can weigh as much as half a tonne. With increased slabs sizes that weight increases.

How much are downstands? This option isn't available in your Online Quote.

We don’t include the downstand option into the online quote because the price heavily varies on the actual chosen depth by the customer. Moreover, each material in our Sample Gallery has to be approached in a different way when it comes to downstands. Some materials require more labour, others less so. This is even more complicated when we take the 17 different edge profiles into consideration.

Therefore we leave downstands as an option that customers are free to discuss with us in person.

In terms of price, this is also a very fluid subject. It varies on circumstances, material and sometimes even your location. After all, downstanded stone worktops can be very heavy. If you live in a flat on 10th floor of a building, carrying such worktops can be vary laborious, demanding more manpower, hence added expense.

If you’re curious about the pricing, allow us to prepare you a quick – individually tailored and free – quote which you can request from one of our customer service staff. They will glean at your kitchen plans, take your selected material into consideration and accordingly create a full price plan.

Why would you recommend quartz, ceramic or granite downstands?

Absolutely. As we mentioned in one of the other questions above, it’s always a matter of preference which worktop thickness you choose.

But we always recommend creative solutions to our customers. If you want to bring a little bit of freshness and innovation into your room, then downstands are the way to go as not many people have stone worktops measuring 4cm+ in depth. Donstands let you combine the beauty of kitchen cabinets with the countertop in a smoother, more homogeneous way. These extensions also make your worktop look tougher and stronger – but please bear in mind that in reality, the thickness has no bearing upon the stone resilience. All in all, with downstands you implement an eye-catching wow-factor into your kitchen. Therefore what’s not to recommend?

We derive a huge satisfaction from granting people access to new arrangement ideas, especially those associated with countertops design. We are always up-to-date with latest trends in the field of home design and our staff are often employed for private consultation – so we certainly know that our advice is invaluable.

Each project is treated individually, as a new challenge and experience. We start from the quotation and end on gluing of the sink during installation. Every task at Polish Granite is completed with diligence and dedication.

We invite you to explore our website further. Particularly the Gallery, where pictures of our past jobs are showcased. And remember, if you have any further questions, feel free to send us an email. We’ll reply, name a date for an appointment and book you into our showroom. You’re also welcome to complete the consultation via phone by ringing our company number.

Contact us, if you have a question about Worktop Downstands!

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