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Stone stairs – made to your custom measurement

Individual steps or entire staircases made out of natural stone material are an exquisite product for either internal or external stair projects. Stone is extremely durable, withstanding strain, scratching and even heavy impacts. Therefore no stomping, heel scratching or abrasion will damage materials like granite, ceramic or quartz. It’s no wonder these products are so frequently utilised in public places (shopping centres, railway stations, town squares etc.), where traffic and potential for damage is heavy.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve completed over two dozen immense staircase design projects. We begin our job by familiarising ourselves with the client demand i.e. what type of steps he/she would like, what product, what kind, shape, thickness, finish and size. After all details are finalised, we get on with the fabricating, shaping full granite stairs or lonesome quartz treads into the right dimensions and installing them on the pre-made staircase frames.

Marble used to be a very popular material for stairs, although in recent years its slowly become obsolete, replaced by a much stronger, much more resilient quartz that can also be purchased in the so-called ‘natural, organic design’.

Quartz, ceramic and natural stone stairs: not just a decorative material

  • Indeed, the primary reason you might purchase stone stairs is for their pristine, distinctive and especial appearance. The design of many quartzes, granites and marbles is truly unmatched. No other synthetic product can replicate the charm of natural stone – not even wood or glass.
  • Stone is a universal material that matches any interior. We have more that 700 different colours of quartz, ceramic or granite to choose from. And whichever you fancy, whether the black veiny quartz, or cream speckled granite, or perhaps plain grey ceramic, we’ll be able to work into your home steps.
  • However, beauty isn’t the only characteristic of stone stairs to look out for.
  • Natural stone is renowned for being a tough and rigid surface that does not fall victim to constant contact, no matter how harsh the touch is. Therefore if fashioned into custom treads, your stone will resist the bashing of boots or staining; it will never absorb strange aromas nor will it cause you to slip.
  • You can present us any design of stairs and staircases and we will ensure your vision is turned into reality. Any sequence of risers and treads, any size, shape or quantity. We can apply unusual form to each step, round off the corners and edges into unique edge profiles, grind the polish down into honed or matte texture. Anything you require, you may ask us to complete.
  • Stone treads are guaranteed to be structurally sound, flat, dry, clean, and smooth products that will embellish your staircase and truly improve your living experience.

Where to buy custom steps for stone and marble stairs?

If you’re looking for that perfect combination of natural stone treads for your staircase, feel free to book an appointment in our showroom. As is mentioned above, the priority is for you to explore our sample collection or offcut selection then pick that ideal marble, granite, ceramic or quartz colour.

We will then ask you for specifics: a design, plans, any special demands etc. We’ll also pre-determine the finish texture of each tread, sizes, quantity and finalise your location for installation. We’re always happy to accept custom, intricate, non-uniform designs, according to your taste and individual choice.

Polish Granite can fix you up with the entire cladding of the staircase with stone treads. We purchase and order a slab of granite, manufacture it according to your design and install everything at your home. We also welcome project planners from other businesses, who are planning to layer other, grander interiors staircases with natural stone: the likes of banks or shopping centres. Indeed, we deal with individuals and corporations alike.

Feel free to get in touch with our customer service team either via company email, Facebook page or landline phone. We’ll be happy to help!

How much is a single staircase tread made from stone?

It truly all depends on the size and materials. If you purchase a slab from of our suppliers, the prices may range from £300 to £2,000 per slab, on top of our fabrication costs.

If, however, you utilise our offcuts to make your steps, you’ll be looking at a cheaper cost, since we’ve already got the materials in stock, ready to be used. You’ll also only pay for our workload (example: cutting, polishing etc.) and the materials you require – there won’t be no wastage.

A single tread from our offcut section will range in cost, depending on the size, style and fabrication involved.

Which stone is best for stairs? Marble, granite, ceramic or quartz?

Each product, whether granite, ceramic or quartz is a fantastic product to use. All of them possess the tough, sturdy qualities that will enable your treads to last a lifetime. Marble is the odd one out. While beautiful, it’s a softer stone, limited in longevity, therefore superiors like granite or quartz are slowly pushing the product out of use.

In truth it’s all down to personal preference, taste and general interior décor. Stone is a universal product, suitable for any interior, but, for example, a granite with rich mineral-clustering might suit one interior or staircase better than a plain, simple white quartz.

The setting is also vital. In creating a novel and classical expression, some property owners select the classic style component of stone cladding as a center piece in foyer staircases. Others desire their staircase projects to include a piece of history (the process of granite / marble formation). There are also those who regard quartz and its use as a form of art. Last but not least, we had customers that simply wanted a resilient product that will combat the stains of muddy shoes and risks of everyday wear and tear.

Whichever category you belong to, we’re sure stone staircases will make your interior stand out.

Is quartz good for any other features in my pub?

Indeed. There are vast applications for quartz, granite and ceramic in public buildings like pubs, restaurants or bars.

As we mention above, granite, quartz and ceramic are very resilient materials. Therefore you can use them for a range of applications. From kitchen worktops (ideal for chefs who are constantly cooking and like to maintain high cleanliness and damage-free standards) to cladding of flooring, walls and ceiling (therefore preventing any mechanical defilement). In a public building area like shopping mall, pub, bar or bank, it’s vital that the design encompasses a material that will last for a lifetime, despite the constant exposure to potential damage (from thousand passing boot-soles to humidity and general wear and tear).

What type of finishes do you offer for your stone steps?

You can have your tread pieces done in vast textures. The classic polish is always a solid choice. It’s a common misconception that it’s dangerous. Upon purchase, we’ll provide you with a special anti slip agent that you can mix with a bit of water and give the stairs a solid clean every 6 months. The polished texture will still shine with gloss, but it will also include a thin layer of anti-slip agent, promoting safety.

Opting for honed, slate, matte or more subtle half-matte finish is a standard. But to choose the right texture, you can only judge properly by visiting our showroom and witnessing the textures with your senses of sight and touch. Once here, you can also choose the corner edge profiling. We can round your sharp corners into a classic pencil edge profile or fashion a full-bullnose out of each corner.

What thickness of stone treads do you provide?

Our thicknesses range is wide but availability will depend on the product. Most granites and quartzes are strictly available in standard 20mm & 30mm thickness. Only Silestone provide some of their quartz in 12mm.

Sintered-stone, or ceramic, is available in 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm thicknesses. But once again, this is entirely dependent on the product and company: Neolith, Dekton, Lapitec.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send us an email.

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