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A Pop up socket for your kitchen worktops: Exact fit Granite, quartz & Ceramic holes

Pop up sockets are a must worktop addition if you have a kitchen without many sockets. But even if you do not lack power sockets, at times they are unevenly spread out, therefore some sides of the worktop are completely missing access to electrical power. Many people opt for moving the appliances like toasters and microwaves to sides of the worktops where sockets are at hand. This, however, often disrupts the original design of the kitchen – it’s an unsatisfying, easy solution that is frankly quite frustrating.

Others purchase long extension cords, which they spread across whole lengths of the worktops. But that is neither a sound solution: cords and wires are inelegant, jarring and emulate a very budget, unsafe appearance.

In such instance, requesting Polish Granite to make a hole in the granite worktops for a pop out socket is the best space saving and tasteful solution to this dilemma.


  • An order of 2 pop out sockets will be quoted for the price of 1
  • An extra discount is provided on 3+ pop out sockets with any worktop order

Why pop up sockets are a vital piece of any kitchen lacking in power supply?

  • Pop up sockets make your kitchen experience and therefore daily life easier. You’ll no longer be forced to move the appliances from one side of the kitchen to another, on top of all the laborious cooking. All it will take is a request for us to make one before the worktops are fitted, and then all appliances will remain in their stationary place – plugged in to power sockets at all times.
  • Pull out sockets are very sophisticated products. They are used as sockets when there’s need for them, and if there isn’t, they are lowered back into the worktop and put into hiding. This means they are concealed and blended with the worktop if they’re not used – it’s a perfect power supply tool if you dislike jarring, out-of-place kitchen accessories. If you strive to achieve minimalism and create a space saving environment, pop up sockets should be on your list.
  • A pop up socket for kitchen island is probably the best solution of all. It’s often the case that breakfast bars or isolated kitchen islands don’t have much access to power modules. Unfortunately the whole of of the islands is to use them during cooking, escaping the claustrophobic kitchen area. Unfortunately it often defeats the point, since we have to go back and forth to the main worktops to use an appliance like a mixer or kettle. A pop up socket is the ultimate solution to that problem. Tastefully embedded on flush into the body of the island, it can be pulled out at any moment, and used for all kinds of kitchen island activities, whether it be cooking, playing games, using a laptop or listening to music.
  • Pop up sockets are a convenient instrument for those who are vulnerable, or suffer of disabilities – likewise for the elderly. People that struggle to carry heavy stuff across the kitchen or constantly move appliances in-and-out of the cupboards will love the embedded pop up socket. It’ll enable them to keep the appliances permanently in their place, without having to constantly shove things aside or using cheap, unattractive – and frankly sometimes dangerous – solutions like running loose power-cord cables across the worktop surface. Pop up sockets remove that daunting, strenuous effort from your life, once and for all.

Will you install the pop up socket during my quartz worktop installation?

Unfortunately not. We don’t have the right electrical qualifications to fit the pop up sockets in their place. We will, however, drill the cut-out for you and even slot the socket into the kitchen worktop.

Thankfully, a lot of portable pop up sockets are very easy to install, and not much expertise is required to fit them. It’s usually a matter of leading the cable underneath the base units and plugging it into one of the power supply sockets concealed from sight. From start to finish, the purpose of the pop out sockets is to make way for convenience, comfort and easiness.

Which pop up socket would you recommend? Which pop up socket is best on the market?

There are various high quality electrical sockets products on the UK market. There are the modern ones containing usb ports for mobile phone charging. There are other, more expensive kinds containing a power socket + usb port + ethernet port and other features on each side. Some products are very tall, containing up to 6 sockets, in other cases there are the smal, stubby products with only one or two socket entries. One can be wrought of plastic, another of quality stainless steel.

Which type you choose is entirely up to you. But prior to selecting something, be mindful of the logistics: whether you have enough cabinet empty space underneath the worktop to fit the socket; whether the positioning is right – you don’t want the pop out socket to clash with anything, like the cabinet support; whether the access to the sockets is at a hand’s reach – the main point of it is to easy your daily experience.

With all those considerations in mind, have a browse through the website of a popular supplier and pick something that matches your needs, the right price range category and the above logistics criteria.

How close can a pop up socket be to a sink?

Same as with standard power socket, not too close. In fact, we’d recommend keeping one as far away from the sink area as possible. The chances of something happening, like a short circuit are low, but we’d advise to keep one away. Even if you are planning on hiding the power supply pop up prior to every use of the sink. Even droplets that lightly drizzle over the cap have the potential to seep down into the main plug sockets range and cause a lot of damage.

It’s a perilous idea – and we’ll likely suggest the same when manufacturing the stone worktops for you.

The problem with pop out plug sockets is also that they essentially form unity with the work surface. The caps are usually very tight-sealed and water-proof. However, if anything heavy ever spills and the socket unit isn’t properly concealed, the water can sneak into the unwanted nooks and ends. At least a standard power socket usually hangs high on the wall, above the worktop, so the dangers of contact with water is minimised, contrary to the pop out units.

We’d recommend at least 1.5m gap between the sink and the pop up socket. If the sink is mounted into the island, we’d recommend putting the socket unit on the other end of the island. If the island is only petite, another solution, such as cabinet-power-supply should be considered instead.

Can I go for any pop up socket with stone top?

Absolutely. We always drill a custom hole for the pop up socket of your choice.

Usually, during templating, we record the dimensions of your power unit – sometimes we even take them with us to our workshop – and drill a hole in accordance to those dimensions. The usual hole standards are usually 80mm to 90mm in diameter. If you have something much bigger or smaller than that, please flag it to us preferably prior to the template service.

Can I get a pop out socket even if my stone worktops have already been fitted?

If the delivery and installation of our stone worktops has already occurred, worry not. It might still be possible to drill a power socket unit hole inside your work surfaces. However, without our specialised workshop machinery, we’ll have to rely on portable tools, more man-power, time and effort. Not to mention you’ll need to account for the bigger mess in your kitchen.

If you require a pop out socket post-fitting, please get in touch. We’ll have to thoroughly analyse every detail: your worktop colour, the worktop thickness, type of the pop up socket you plan to use and other nuances. Once we’ve made a thorough calculation, we’ll be able to decide whether drilling the pop out socket hole in your worktop is plausible.

Contact us, if you have a question about Pop up Sockets!

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