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Ceramic worktops – the thinnest, most durable stone worktops on the market

Sintered Stone is this generation’s most innovative, synthetic surface product. Commonly referred to as ‘ceramic’, this stone is made through the complex process of sinterisation, which grants these slabs an ultra-resistant quality.

Simply put, they offer unparalleled durability, style, and performance. If you’re looking for a worktop that can withstand even the toughest staining, impacts, or daily wear and tear, but above all will stand the test of time, look no further than ceramic.

What makes ceramic kitchen worktops so popular?

Our suppliers (Dekton, Neolith, Marazzi) boast this high-quality material and deem it an 'ideal solution for intense cooking environments' - a statement our customers can vouch for.

This stone can resist intensely high temperatures, scratching, or liquid absorption. No boiling oil, acid, radiating heat, or razor-sharp knives will affect the structure of ceramic worktop surfaces. Best of all, it is a stylish and modern product, available in hundreds of intricate colours and designs.

Both domestic environments as well as public spaces benefit from this hard-wearing solution, used as stunning cladding for worktops, reception desks, or shopping centre floors.

Contact us today to learn more about our ceramic worktop products and find out how we can transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams.



Ceramic worktop slabs are available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm thicknesses. Therefore mounting these ultra light surfaces upon fragile units, ceilings, doors, fireplaces, radiators, frames, facades or even appliances is not only possible but also completely safe.

These mounting solutions offer a whole new field of play for fans of stone. When it comes to home decoration, the exclusive sintered-stone technology opens an unimaginable spectrum of possibilities…


Ceramic worktop solutions in a kitchen setting are not only enhancing the cleanliness standards – their virtues increase the efficiency of our cooking.

Their superior resistance to scratching, staining, blemishing, and general abrasion renders them an ideal product for domestic use. On account of this incredible surface functionality, ceramic renders chopping boards or insulation pads obsolete, saving us that precious counter space.

When ceramic graces your kitchen, placing hot pans directly on the solid surface won’t be a problem. Meanwhile, rolling out oily dough on the ceramic kitchen worktop surface, before pressing sharp cutters to form biscuit shapes, leaves your ceramic worktop completely unscathed. The resistance properties of ceramic surfaces are unparalleled; their unique longevity is undisputed and guaranteed.


Cleaning a kitchen worktop surface has never been easier. The additives imbued in the ceramic stone allow the stone to repel moisture, grime, liquids, or smudges (even the dry ones).

Once you’ve finished chopping your veggies, cooking with splashing oil, or spilling pancake batter on the counter, all you’ll require to clean the kitchen worktop surface will be a damp cloth and a dollop of soap. It’s as simple as that.

The liquid-repellent properties of sintered-stone help to dispel our inherent anxiety about staining the worktops. Worries of late-night scrubbing too become a worry of the past. Ceramic worktops remain hygienic at all times and very little effort is required to maintain them. Regardless of the frequency of use, or time owned, ceramic kitchen worktops never lose their original, mint condition.


Besides the abundance of mesmerising colours (some completely exclusive to this product), ceramic worktops are also copious in available textures.

Riverwashed, Slate, Decor Polished, Lux, Polished, Satin, Lithos, Smooth Matte, Vesuvio, Ultrasoft, Silk, Natural Honed, Dune, Textured Matte, Nano Polished, Boheme, Arena – these are only some of the varieties of textured finishes. Brands like Lapitec, Dekton, Marazzi, Techlam, or Neolith each offer a different finish alternative.

Once again, by widening the selection of textures, the supplier brands have elevated the status of sintered stone into a branch of pure exclusivity, granting you, the customer, so much more choice. Now, there’s even more room for experimentation: contrasting the black kitchen worktops (honed to a Dune texture), against the sleek, Nano Polished white feel of the ceramic-clad floor. A feast for the eyes.


– Similarly to other synthetic worktops, sintered-stone products are available in hundreds of colours, varying widely in composition. Anything from homogenous colours to patterned designs (containing veins, particles or streaks) may be selected.

– Without a doubt, our bestsellers are: Iron Corten, Beton or Marquina. Stunning materials that are yet to be replicated in the worktops sector.

– Out of all mainstream ceramic worktop supplying companies, there are roughly 200+ colours currently available for purchase. This makes ceramic material the second product among stone varieties with the most extensive colour palette. Naturally, after decades on the market, the colour-rich selection of conglomerate quartz tops the ranks.


– One of the most esteemed characteristics of ceramic worktops is their incredible resistance to high temperatures, burning, or scorching. By virtue of sinterisation (i.e. use of high temperatures/pressures), sintered-stone can be subjected to hot pots & pans, without sustaining even a tiny blemish.

– This is the primary reason ceramic kitchen worktop materials are so frequently utilised in restaurants, where direct contact between boiling pots and pans and the kitchen worktop is a norm. Chefs even have the confidence to caramelise their crème brûlée with a blowtorch facing the ceramic worktops.

– If that wasn’t enough, ceramics resists all UV radiation, meaning it doesn’t discolour, fade or lose its integrity. Between granite/quartz, it’s sintered-stone which is likely the best suited material for outside projects e.g. patio cladding, frequently washed by sunlight.

Where to browse our available stone-worktops colours?

Access our ceramic worktops product collection via the links below:

More on Ceramic Worktops benefits:

The Ultra Thin Ceramic Worktop thicknesses

Other stone worktop material surfaces are usually sold in 20mm or 30mm thicknesses. There are rare exceptions e.g. with Silestone, who occasionally distribute 12mm quartz, but generally, the abovementioned standard is adhered to.

And while applications for granite or quartz are almost limitless, such finite thicknesses are nonetheless a hindering factor for many interior designers or architects.

A full slab of quartz 3.2m x 1.6m can weigh as much as 400kg, and granite almost always tops that. Heavy weight is simply impractical for certain design solutions.

If you wish to clad your walls with a slab of quartz or granite, it’s certainly doable, as walls can withstand and support that weight (provided special mountings are applied).

However, cladding your bathtub or cabinet doors in 20mm thick stone is a Big No. Not only is it difficult and expensive to pull off such an endeavour, but it’s also dangerous – one has to bear in mind that the hinges of the cabinets are only fragile, and mounting a heavy stone upon them would significantly impact their integrity. We, therefore, dissuade our customers from such practice…

Not to mention this solution isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Opening up a cabinet, or a door, and having a 20mm surface layered on top of it would feel bulky and precarious.

Thankfully, ceramic products exist. As we mentioned above, these surfaces are most often supplied in either ultra-light 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 12mm thicknesses, meaning that ceramics can be applied to virtually any standard home-design surface, without their weight impacting the structure.

Vast Range of Ceramic Worktop Finishes

Having that wide selection of textures (Riverwashed, Ultra Matte, Gloss, etc.) vastly opens up the range of application possibilities.

If cladding your bathroom with an anti-slip texture was always your wish, there’s now a plethora of popular choices. If the glossy, smooth-to-touch polish finish (that granite worktops are known for) isn’t your thing, then luckily, with ceramic worktops you may opt for a range of non-reflective finishes, enhancing your kitchen with that modern, satin or matt look.

The same goes for outdoor flooring applications – a Slate, Natural Stone Honed, Riverwashed, or Matt finish offer a perfect surface roughness to create a safe environment around pool rims, pathways, or playground area installations.

Opting for stone doesn’t mean that you’re inevitably stuck with one or two finishes. Sintered-Stone technology opens up the horizons, not only granting you more choice, but more artistic, creative freedom when designing your favourite living space.

Contact Us and select your ceramic worktop today!

The advantages of sintered-stone worktops are plenty – it’s no coincidence that this product is implemented into thousands of kitchens across the UK, each week.

With Polish Granite, you’ll not only be guaranteed a fantastic price or exclusive discounts but above all, infallible products that will last you for a lifetime.

Opting for solutions like 40mm laminate or natural wood standard is a thing of the past. It’s these ultra strong, ultra thin materials that are presently reigning on the worktop market. A material that can withstand almost every danger, matching the demand or intensity of rigorous cooking.

What ceramic slab suppliers do we cooperate with?


Neolith are currently one of the leading sintered-stone brands on the European and world markets. They boast a range of fantastic products: from stunning marble-lookalike Nero Marquina to the iconic copper-rust Iron Corten products. Their intricate samples are always at the centre of our showroom due to their eye-catching qualities.

Neolith have been our partner for over a decade now, and we continuously receive fantastic discounts from the company.

Feel free to browse their dedicated page here.


Dekton are true masters of sintered-stone ceramic slab production. Their colours are as intricate as that of Neolith, but in addition, they offer a huge range of product textures: from smooth gloss, to textured, velvet, smooth mate etc.

Same as Neolith, Dekton, along with Cosentino, have been our partners for over a decade. Their deliveries are always quick and reliable – our superb discounts are reflective of our long, trusted and reliable partnership.

Please visit their dedicated page and read more about their history, products and our cooperation here.


Marazzi currently have UK’s best selling worktop products.

As with other brands, the slab production process blends vast ingredients (pigments, raw materials, chemicals & particles) then exposes them to intensive drying, pressure and temperatures, creating almost indestructible kitchen surfaces.

Besides having a unique, truly beautiful stock of products (Calacatta Extra, Grigio Carnico or Sahara Noir), they offer very affordable solutions. Along with Techlam, Marazzi’s slabs are likely the cheapest ceramic worktop products.


Techlam is a sintered-stone range offered by Levantina, suppliers of granite, quartz and now ceramic also.

Techlam is labelled by Levantina as a ‘porcelain tile’, which day by day contributes to revolutionising the stone surfaces market.

Like other brands, Techlam offer an explosion of hues; products containing sophisticated tones and an element of elegance that befits domestic or public spaces.

Their versatile palette of materials ranges from marble-lookalike Nomad White to brownish Legno. Colours that reflect industrial, natural or contemporary interior design themes.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions regarding ceramic worktops e.g. prices, material properties, warranties, applications, etc. please feel free to contact our customer service either via email or tel: 0161 877 8361

Likewise, to place an order for your ceramic worktop, feel free to get in touch. We’ll either create a manual ceramic worktop price plan or guide you through our Online Quote system, thereafter book you in for a template and installation service.

And please remember, if you require advice on something else e.g. you’re struggling with a mind block, and need design inspiration for your ceramic worktops, call our experts. They will guide you through the sample selection process, analyse the context of your living space, and suggest the most suitable ceramic worktop options.

Feel free to book an appointment in our showroom. We welcome all!

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