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Kitchen Splashback from Granite & Marble Quartz: The best form of wall protection

Splashbacks for kitchens, especially ones behind hobs and cookers, can be purchased in various materials: metal, glass, ceramic tiles or even acryl. But opting for stone, the same colour as your worktops, is also an option that should not be ignored.

Granite splashbacks wrought from stone are not only more durable than any of the aforementioned materials (resistant against scratches, stains or de-colouring – even against acidic liquid or oil splashes); they’re also more fitting for the whole kitchen environment. In the end, you’re purchasing the same material as your worktops – the contrast is minimal, the continuation of the stunning granite or quartz extends onto the walls. You’re creating a unity between two components: splashback and the worktops.

Choosing a splashback at Polish Granite will come with many benefits:


  • 10% splashback discount with every quartz or granite worktop order
  • You design, we fulfil. Your custom project is always completed, regardless of the difficulty
  • Utilise some of our offcuts to save yourself some money
  • Get a professional installation – no loose gaps, no flimsy fitting. 5-star rated service.

What is the best kitchen splashback? Marble Quartz, Granite splashback? Or glass, metal, tiles or plastic?

Greater Resistance

While all glass, metal or plastic are decent temporary materials for wall cladding and splashback use, they have one flaw in common that outweighs their visual benefits: they scratch. You may assume that this doesn’t pose an issue since the pieces are wall-mounted – there’s no way of scratching them. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Splashbacks are constantly scrubbed and cleaned from layers of piling grime, and soft-cloths often aren’t enough. As such, you reach for something more rigid and heavy-duty: the rough side of the sponge, a scouring pad or brush. With splashbacks, this is inevitable – a soft side of the sponge will never suffice for efficient cleaning.

But with frequent use of scourers comes one disadvantage: small, minute scratches that will slowly build up on the glass, metal or plastic/acryl. They may not be visible to the naked eye, but they occur nonetheless – sometimes even blemishing the surface and blurring the original colour. Occasionally the miniscule scratches allow more grime to enter the cracks, making it more difficult to clean.

Granite kitchen splashback is the epitome of ultimate resistance. Stone never scratches, no matter the sharp material you use. Their longevity and original quality therefore last a lifetime.

Straightforward maintenance

When customers ask us what type of splashback is best, with no hesitations we say granite and quartz. Certainly due to the incredible durability, but also the easy maintenance. If you do not wish to continuously scrub your metal, plastic tiled or glass backsplash, producing smudges and streaks, then stone ought to be your friend. It’s smooth, pristinely glossed and above all stain-proof. So no grime or stain will penetrate the surface or stuff the grout, as is the case with tiled splashbacks.

A unity with stone worktops

A stone worktop and splashback from the same material work very well together. You’re essentially creating an elegant, uniform design that cascades from the wall and onto the work surfaces.

Using worktop as splashback material works extremely well in terms of general, modern composition. There’s no jarring differences between metal/glass splashbacks and stone worktop – instead there’s unity in the kitchen that acts as a wow-factor. This works especially well with marble effect worktops containing veined and speckled motifs that can travel from the worktops and up on the kitchen splashback.

A modern, tasteful design

A lot of our customers opt for a full-splashback on their walls. This means that instead of purchasing a standard 80cm x 90cm kitchen splashback mounted above the hob, they opt for covering that whole wall with a one gigantic kitchen splashback.

These granite or quartz full splashback sheets are perfectly slotted just underneath the cabinets and reach down onto the worktops themselves. It creates a sleek effect and is actually very convenient to have. You don’t need to worry about covering the walls with paint that will dirty up in due course, or tiles that require hard-to-clean and staining grouting.

If you love the quartz worktop material you chose and you wish to have cladded more with this stunning material, then this is the perfect opportunity. A quartz worktop with splashback of that size is an inexpensive but above all an awe-inducing creation.

What is a splashback?

‘What is a worktop splashback?’ is a common question we get, preceded by the more crucial question ‘Why is a kitchen splashback important?’

A kitchen splashback is a roughly 80cm x 90cm piece of solid, easy-to-clean material that is glued on the wall, usually behind a sink, hob or electric cooker. It’s main purpose is to protect the wall – usually merely clad in paint – from being stained. If you don’t have a splashback, you’re putting you wall at jeopardy. After all, simple paint will instantly flake off if subjected to frequent splashed of oil or boiling water. Not to mention it’ll severely stain and look unappealing. That’s why a kitchen splashback is a must for any kitchen.

If you’re concerned about sockets, or extractor fans getting in the way, then worry not. When we come out to measure your worktops, we always record the exact sizes and to those create a custom splash back. If need be, we also make cut-outs for sockets and other items that get in the way.

But this giant worktop upstand to wall creation doesn’t have to be strictly functional – it also makes for a fantastic decoration. Our stone backsplash pieces blend in with the remaining granite worktops, creating a unity and a beautiful composition within the kitchen. Our stone kitchen backsplash pieces are fully polished to convey a sleek, easy-to-maintain surface.

You can also opt for a full kitchen splashback i.e. covering the entire wall section above the worktop. It’s a modern and highly sought-after solution, nowadays. Our customers either request full splashbacks or a worktop with upstand (10cm high strips of stone).

Will the base units show with rounded corners?

No. We always extend the overhang if the radius is quite sharp, so that the base units never show.

We always thoroughly template your base units prior to installation of the worktops, so this isn’t something you should worry about.

Do you sell discounted worktop splashbacks for kitchens? I'm looking for marble splashback for sale.

Absolutely – our granite, ceramic and quartz offcut store is bountiful of left-over worktop pieces that we use for min-project realisations. Our granite offcut stock can be used for splash backs as well as bathroom windowsills, coffee tables etc.

We possess a great quantity of colours, and any of them can be utilised for your kitchen splashback or some other custom item.

What worktop splashback edging do you provide?

Any that are available (see our Edge Profile categories selection). The beauty of cooperating with us is that you are free to select any profile design or even shape of the whole kitchen splashback. You are free to request socket cut-outs, custom holes or other options that would improve your cooking experience within your home.

Polish Granite are open to any challenges or customer demands – therefore everyone who places an order for worktops or splashbacks is welcome to adjust the project to suit their needs.

I don't have any worktop splashback ideas - can you help me?

Of course – if you’re struggling to choose a quartz splashback colour, design or you’re contemplating price, feel free to get in touch. We can invite you to our showroom and show you a range of photos from our past job, where we executed a number of splashback project.

We also recommend browsing our GALLERY or Facebook page, where majority of our kitchen splashback projects are showcased in form of images & posts.

If you seek more information, e.g. pricing or delivery details, we welcome you to contact us via the email address or phone our landline.

Where can I buy a splashback for less? How much does a marble splashback cost?

Polish Granite provides worktop and splashback solutions that are very inexpensive. When you purchase your granite worktops and select a splashback, the cost will be very miniscule.

Not to mention we can provide an even cheaper range of discounted worktops if you select a material from our offcut section. Offcuts are the left-over slab remains that are utilised by our business to create mini, cheap projects for people who don’t want to pay a lot for high quality stone.

If you have any questions regarding our offcuts, or wish to purchase a fabricated piece of stone, then please get in touch. We accept all orders, not just for splashbacks, even the most challenging creations. We can also organise delivery service and installation services across the whole UK.

To browse our offcut collection, feel free to either explore our OFFCUTS website or visit our showroom workshop, where all the products are displayed.

Will marble backsplash stain if I cook very often?

No – the main virtue of a quartz marble worktop and splashback of the same kind is that they are water-proof and stain proof. Therefore, even if you leave heavy grease or oil stains on the surface, they will come off at an instant with a simple wipe of a damp cloth + washing up liquid.

How to clean marble splashback?

If you have a stone worktop with splashback composed of the same material, we recommend the simple solution of washing up liquid and a damp cloth or sponge.

When it comes to stone worktop splashbacks for kitchens, you won’t usually need anything else. The nature of the sleek, glossy stone means that all the layered grime unsticks and comes off at an instant.

And even if you’ve left the oil patches on a marble kitchen splashback for kitchen for a few days, treating it with a rough sponge and some multipurpose spray will absolutely do the job.

Contact us, if you have a question about Worktop Splashbacks!

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