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Bringing the natural stone back to the Roman capital of England! Applying quartz worktops Chester and granite worktops Chester in most households across Cheshire.

Chester is renowned for its connection to Romans, who over 1,500 years ago abided that place. But it was no mere village or petite enclosure, rather, one of the most powerful Roman forts that had ever been erected in England. Romans were known for the wide use of marble and granite. They loved natural stone and applied it to almost every building ever created. After all, they were the marvellous engineers and exceptional architects who utilised natural resources to form unreal, fashionable creations. And marble, or granite offered the most captivating results. The beautiful veins, the eccentric patterns that cannot be replicated. Some of the sandstone, concrete and marble buildings they created stand to this day – many are located in Chester.

Not surprisingly, the fashion has not changed much since the Roman times, because the demand for natural stone is constantly growing. The number of people opting for the application of stone in their homes is soaring year by year. Natural stone (like granite or marble), or man-made stone compositions (such as quartz, ceramic or dekton) have become the centre-pieces of each home. These products are the epitome of modern style and lush creations. Granite/quartz has become synonymous with worktops or kitchens. However, what’s curious is that the requests for granite worktops Chester have been the most widespread and prominent in the county of Cheshire. Over the past 13 years Polish Granite has been involved in the installation of over 700 kitchen worktops in Chester and Cheshire as a whole – almost double of what we executed in Yorkshire, for example. Could it be that the Roman architectural habits and a taste for stone has been retained in the people of Chester?

Well, as it turns out Polish Granite has done some research recently in regards to that matter. A couple of months ago we sent out a short survey to all of our current and past customers who have chosen granite or quartz worktops Chester. We asked various questions e.g. why they chose quartz or granite worktops as part of their home design, instead of other materials. Some of the answers were spectacular! We have chosen the most prevalent and interesting answers and attached them all below. Feel free to read further to gain an answer as to why our stone worktops, and especially granite or quartz worktops Chester are so popular in that city, and Cheshire as a whole.

Was your choice of quartz or granite worktops Chester influenced by the stone-focused architectural tradition upheld by the city of Chester?

“Yes, and no. Yes because I’m a true fanatic of history and especially the Romans. I love their designs, ideas and general feel for architecture. This is one of the primary reasons why I moved to Chester – it is enriched with the Roman history. Around every corner you can observe how a Roman’s mind worked. So with that aspect in consideration, I really wanted my home in central Chester to reflect that, blend in with the surrounds, hence why I elected to have granite worktops Chester fitted, and I got in touch with Polish Granite. But at the same time, I always had a feel for natural house-components anyway. My cabinets are wooden, my floor panels are made of oak. I like that vibe, so I would have probably chosen granite worktops Chester even if I lived at the other -never Romanised – end of UK.”
Mark Hopkins, Chester

”I never really liked marble or granite, if I’m honest. I was always looking for that modern touch whenever I invested into my flat. Plain quartz was always on my mind. Although I lived in Chester almost all my life now, and I have to say that the Roman history of this city has always infatuated me. One of my favourite Roman-remains in this city is Minerva’s Shrine – the portrait of a Roman goddess gracefully carved into a sandstone rock. It’s great and it certainly changed my mind when it comes to natural rock. I came to a realisation that bland stone can be truly turned into something special if worked with and polished, especially patterned stone like granite or marble. Eventually, I decided to purchase some blue pearl granite offcuts from Polish Granite and applied them in my bathroom – made some shelves etc. Granted, my worktops are presently made of plain white quartz, but I think if I hadn’t lived in this city, I would have completely shunned granite worktops Chester and used quartz to embellish the rest of my flat. I have to admit I underestimated this gorgeous material, and I’m glad it is a part of my home now.”
Julie Clarke, Chester

Do you have a question regarding natural stone like granite? Feel free to contact us, and our team of experts will provide as much help as possible. Alternatively, visit the rest of our website for further information. Each page is filled with insightful and informative content.

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Romans = marble or granite?

”I must say when I think Romans, the association with marble strikes me immediately. Granite is more of a modern concept when natural stone is considered. Well, at least that’s my own subjective opinion. I think the purpose of granite has been immensely exalted over the last few decades, especially in the interior design sector. Polish Granite has fitted some azabache granite worktops for me of late, but I wouldn’t say that’s due to me living in Cheshire. I like to look of it, I like the feel of it. It’s probably as simple as that. I think granite worktops Chester ought to be a part of every home. They make everything look durable, strong – like it could last an eternity. But my friend had his flooring done about two years ago in yellowish quartz, and that also looked magnificent. So I certainly recommend both materials.”
Christopher Robertson, Macclesfield

”Probably both? I’m not an expert in that field but I’ve been to Bath, Chester, Hadrian’s wall etc. and all around there are some natural stone remains, whether it be in form of standard cobble or granite or marble. So I’m going to guess both. As to the work Polish Granite has undertaken in my home: they supplied me with quartz worktops Chester – albeit, it was a marble-lookalike material, a white quartz with long grey veins spread throughout. These are popular nowadays and certainly fit any kitchen environment. Besides, they’re the best of both worlds. They equate to natural marble, and are as durable as quartz.”
Sarah Elkins, Knutsford

Did you choose stone or granite worktops Chester because you observed the material elsewhere, and it caught your eye?


”Yes actually. My friends recently moved into a new property and they invested in some beautiful quartz worktops that me and my wife saw one day when we came round. After that we couldn’t get them out of our minds. Went round all of Cheshire and Lancashire searching for the best quote and three weeks later Polish Granite replaced our laminates with gorgeous granite. Star Galaxy I believe it was called. So all in all I think seeing the stone in real life and in real form of worktops certainly swayed us towards a purchase of our own. And at this point I don’t think we would ever go back to anything other than stone.”
Rick Davies, Crewe

”I always loved quartz, but I never really got round to showing much real interest until I came across it in one of my local property agencies. They had this amazing grey oval table and on it grains and silver sparks – or mirror-chips – and beside it ran a grand white worktop which also had the same sparkly patterns. I loved the compositions, the blend of both colours contrasting each other. Then, I must say, I fell in love and instantly asked the agents where they got them from. They didn’t know unfortunately because they’ve been around for a while. After that I began to search, and Polish Granite have offered me the best price, then fitted my quartz worktops Chester within a week! Me and my boyfriend are dead happy. Our new home has gotten even more homely now. I think everyone should investigate stone worktops in real life. They not only mesmerise you and inspire awe, but also make one realise that worktops like laminates or wood are so inferior. Never in a million years I would go back there!”
Heather Linn, Chester

”Yeah! I certainly never heard of ceramic worktops until I went round to my cousin’s house who explained it all to me. I was so impressed. They were so thin, so elegant, and with a slated effect on top of that. Granite or quartz never bothered me that much because I wasn’t fond of the texture. The polish, or even matte options were never my cup of tea. And the thickness was a little too much. I got anxiety every time, thinking that the weight will squash my cabinets. But Neolith’s ceramic was a perfect match. I actually finally realised that I can have a worktop both as durable as granite/quartz, as thin as a sheet of metal/plastic and as lovely in touch as tiles or roof slates. And it would have never occurred to me that such material can be bought, never mind used as worktops! If I hadn’t showed up at my cousins.”
Linda Rosenville, Wilmslow

Well, I actually have a story relating to your previous question! I always thought that things like granite worktops Chester were reserved to the elite and middle/upper class people. They remind me of luxury and expense. But one day I was strolling through Chester with my parents who came to visit, and we entered one of my favourite cafés in the city centre for a drink. The café is very peculiar, because on the ground there are thick glass panels which showcase the old foundation ruins of the Roman fort that was abided here just under two millennia’s ago. You don’t get that anywhere else. Then my dad – who admired the pillars – looked down, then up and said something unusual. It went along the lines of: “Isn’t it weird how two thousand years has passed and people still use stone to complete their structures. Even with all this technology around.” And then he pointed to a long granite worktop running along the bar of the café. Something about that struck me, and when I was getting us drinks, I asked the waitress if the worktops were expensive. She obviously didn’t know, but then about 3 weeks later I did some searching myself and found you guys [Polish Granite] who really turned it around for me. As it seems, even I, a bus driver am able to afford granite worktops Chester. They’re really not as expensive as I thought! And they are truly a good investment, form what you [Polish Granite] told me, because they last a lifetime. I’ve had my Luna quartz worktops for about 4-5 years now and haven’t yet observed a single scratch, chip or stain. Generally flawless! Albeit, my friends (who purchased wooden worktops) complain to me about the state of their tops all the time. So now I’m proud that I ended up choosing granite over the laminates, and it was a pure accident, because I never even considered them prior to that café event.
Reece Taylor, Alderley Edge

If you too would like to use Polish Granite’s services, and have us install beautiful granite, ceramic or quartz worktops Chester in your Cheshire home, then be sure to give our office a call, or send us an email! Our staff are always available to help you, and provide an immediate quotation!

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