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Breakfast Bars from Natural Stone: Marble & Granite

Here at Polish Granite Ltd, we offer our customers the best range of products and services available to them – our fantastic offer includes high quality breakfast bars that beautify almost any interior.

A granite breakfast bar is a fantastic way to improve your kitchen design. Not only are they a stunning piece of worktop that seamlessly links with the other countertops, they’re also a practical kitchen surface solution that helps generate space and comfort.

Consider a breakfast bar as a mini island worktop that you may use daily to eat breakfast on. You can utilise it to instantly serve your other half or children their favourite lunch, or even to extend your cooking space. But above all, breakfast bars are superb elements of any party or dinner gathering. You’ll finally be able to use your dining table strictly for dining, not displaying food, limiting space on the table. Instead, the kitchen breakfast bar will bear the load of the prepared meals.

If the party gets too crowded, you can always remove the kitchen dining table completely and use your little kitchen island as the main food base material to serve the nachos, snacks or range of fruity cocktails.

Kitchen Breakfast Bars: Why do you need them?

If you wish to improve your kitchen area and you seek that perfect material to create your dreamy breakfast bar, your search is over!

At Polish Granite we can prepare you a breakfast bar of completely your choice. Firstly, you pick the material. We’ll walk you around our wide selection of offcuts after which you’ll pick your favourite granite, quartz or ceramic product out of available stock. Once you have that selected we’ll ask you some specific questions: the required size, shape, edge profile, custom cut outs (e.g. for pop out socket), required height, whether you’ll be resting the whole thing on standalone legs or a side panel made by ourselves.

Everything you require will be fit according to your needs and specifications. You tell us what you want and we grant you a finalised kitchen product that fulfils your requirements.

What are the benefits of custom-made granite breakfast bars?

Handiness and comfort:

As we mentioned above, a breakfast bar is a table/bar top where meals can instantly be served. This is very handy in the morning. You don’t need to travel all the way to the dining table to watch over your kids or hand them the hot food. You can prepare everything on the island worktop. Breakfast bars are work surfaces built entirely for their functionality, providing you a better experience in the morning, afternoon or evening. They are handy, pivotal kitchen worktops. Tools and products that help you with your daily kitchen activities.

Saving valuable home / kitchen space:

Another benefit of breakfast bars is that they save you a lot of space. You no longer have to purchase a dining table out of solid wood to provide yourself space to eat. You can turn your worktop into a stylish, comfortable area for food consumption. Breakfast bars don’t have to extend out of your kitchen worktops – you can easily turn one of your L-shape sides into a breakfast bar. You may be thinking that cabinets and doors will get in the way but there’s an easy solution for that. You simply increase the width of the granite/quartz material itself and provide the counter a 30cm extra overhand, allowing you to slide you knees underneath the little island.
This solution is especially vital in smaller households. Yet the role of your breakfast counter isn’t strictly to provide comfort during consumption. It’s also a place you may quickly sit down under and either look through your bills or browse the newspaper, read a book with a coffee or simply finish off your laptop work in the sunny kitchen.

Contemporary, attractive look:

Recently breakfast bars have certainly increased in population due to their highly demanded, aesthetic, modern look. When you conjure a breakfast bar in your mind, no doubt a contemporary, clean and stylish kitchen shows up. Worktops that are welcoming to guests or customers in your showroom / bar. They enlarge the area, make it more practical but above all these work surfaces can add charm to your kitchens.
As of today, the most popular breakfast bar styles are the white, marble-lookalikes that fit almost any interior, the modern and traditional alike. Black granite products likewise sell fast and the grey hues are constantly sought after. Thankfully, our offcut selection is constantly in high stock and supply of these colours.

Will I be able to purchase a breakfast bar with my granite worktops order?

Of course. Whichever product colour you pick for your main worktops, will also be suitable for the breakfast bar. Upon placing your order, we’ll ask you how you’ll want the breakfast bar to be finished off since there are various styles you could opt for.

As a starter, we’ll determine the sizes, height, general placement of the breakfast bar section in your kitchen and the shape (will it be a half island, joined at the butt to the wall or other worktops? Or will the breakfast bar form an integral part of the main worktops? A completely standalone breakfast worktop is also an option). We’ll then inform you of the pricing and during the template services, all details will be confirmed one last time.

If I purchase a breakfast bar from your offcuts, will you arrange a delivery?

Indeed. Delivery and installation options are always available as part of Polish Granite services. Purchasing your breakfast bar from our offcuts does not exclude you from those standard services. Simply get in touch with our team, and we’ll arrange a safe, insured transport from our stores to your door.

Please be mindful, though, we do charge extra to deliver and fit the worktops. Prices will vary depending on your area (i.e. the travel time between your address and our Manchester workshop).

What colours and materials do you provide your breakfast bars in?

If you’re thinking of purchasing your breakfast worktop along with other granite, ceramic or quartz worktops then you can pick virtually any colour in our product selection (please see our SAMPLE GALLERY to search for your favourite one).

In terms of purchasing your breakfast worktop as a separate product (consulting our offcut section), you’ll still have plenty materials of choice. We have black granite, grey quartz, marble-lookalike ceramic – a colour range wide enough to grant plentiful selection. Not to mention there are varied materials thicknesses to choose from. You can check our full stock by browsing our OFFCUTS page.

Is it recommended to have a Breakfast Bar with one leg or two legs?

It will depend on the size and thickness of the island. The support at the rear of the worktop is usually a mdf wood support mounted on the wall or it’s a base material e.g. cabinet, whereas the front tends to be supported by legs or side panels. Our team of professionals advise that if you opt for a countertop bar roughly 70cm in width, one leg will suffice. If it’s any longer, two legs are recommended. This is especially the case if the quartz worktops are 30mm in thickness (the thicker, the heavier).

Apart from the base material, do you supply legs and mdf support fittings?

Unfortunately not. We’ll provide you with the granite, quartz or ceramic surface, but the rest (any wood support, frames, bottom legs) we do not provide. However, the legs, support materials and suchlike items are easy to purchase, in any hardware store.

Of course, during installation we’ll fit the countertop onto the pre-purchased legs and wood support. But please be aware that everything has to be prepared/mounted prior to our arrival.

Would you recommend granite, quartz or ceramic materials for breakfast bars?

All materials share the same benefits. All are durable, hard-wearing surfaces that will last you a lifetime. Therefore a lot of the reasoning will come down to one aspect: aesthetics.

Do you prefer an organic, unpredictable composition of stone? Then either granite or marble-lookalike quartz possess best features in that regard. Perhaps you prefer a range of varied textures e.g. honed, slated or matte – in that case ceramic is our advice (our partners and suppliers of these materials excel at varying finish types. The choice is unparalleled).

Whatever your style, preference or taste – the bottom line is, all three materials sold by us will be adequate for your bar. The colour, shades, finish, edge profile, legs and optional features etc. are further aesthetic choices to consider.

Do you produce breakfast bars with side panels?

Yes, and we really commend side-panelled kitchen breakfast bars. It makes the entire semi island seem grand, whole – a unity which is especially vital if you have opted for beautiful organic-looking stones like Marquina or Calacatta quartz or Cosmic Black granite. The veins, the minerals, the unique features and properties gracefully flow down from the breakfast bar like a waterfall, allowing your guests to perceive the stone from all perspectives.

When you opt for the side panel, you may choose to have the inner (bottom) side polished, so that it isn’t rough and unfinished in texture when looking at it from within. You may also opt for a T-shaped panel or a mitred edge that seamlessly joins with the horizontal worktop.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team for any advice or opinions you may need to guide you, we are here to help you and to ensure you receive the best products and services from our business. Also we can arrange a time and day for us to send someone from our team over to your specific address to install the breakfast bar of your choice.

Do you sell your quartz worktops breakfast bar at discounted prices?

Yes – if you opt for one of our offcuts, you’ll likely get the best possible price for your breakfast bar. When you purchase an offcut stone you essentially only pay for the material you need. That way you save yourself money as it’s not required to order an entire 3m slab of granite or quartz, as such wasting excess material.

You may pick anything from quartz to granite, marble or ceramic – the price stays is equal for all. The price is determined by required product dimensions, our labour (extra cut outs, polishing, bevelling etc.) and the optional transport to your home.

Can I implement a breakfast bar into my kitchen island?

Yes – it’s a very common solution. Kitchen island sizes on average measure between 2m x 1-1.5m. To turn your island into a half breakfast bar you need to rest one (thinner) half of the kitchen island surface on cabinets and have the other half suspended in the air (resting either on one or two legs).

That way you’ll be able to tuck your legs underneath the kitchen countertop as though under a table or breakfast bars. But remember, depending on the size of cabinets, the height of every breakfast countertop is usually higher than an average table, so it’s likely you’ll require some bar stools to comfortable sit underneath.

Is it possible to install a pop-out socket into a bar?

A pop-out socket that raises up from the bottom, a custom sink hole for an ice bucket, or a basket holding a bunch of fruit or veg. These are just some of the requests we’ve had over the years from vast customers, and we’ve completed them all. With our advanced, complex tools we can create any hole of all sizes in the bar counter. Polished or unpolished, it’s all down to you.

However you want to modify your material and in what way is completely your choice. You name the style, and as long as we deem it feasible, we’ll get to work. One of the benefits of working with Polish Granite is that we accommodate all your requests and requirements.

How do you clean breakfast bars? Is it as easy as they say?

It’s extremely simple. Our advice is that you use a piece of cloth, a dollop of soap/washing up liquid and water to clean your breakfast counter. Our worktops are so water-resistant and glossy that they repel all signs of grease, water marks or food stains. With a gentle wipe of a sponge you should instantly wipe the grime away. No matter the liquid or stain, the colour of your kitchens bar counter will retain its original condition. Discolouration of shades will no longer be your concern once you purchase our trusted, reliable material.

Should you have any questions in regards to cleaning your surfaces, please get in touch with our customer services via phone or our email address. We always welcome our customers to reach out and discuss their product issues/concerns. Our team is full of enthusiastic people who have been in the trade for at least a few years. They may provide professional advice and willingly share their general tips and hints on daily worktops treatment.

We also sell a special granite & quartz surfaces spray. This product is a reliable agent that not only helps wiping the crusty, greasy stains away from grimy areas, it also polishes your bar products to perfection.

If you have any other questions concerning breakfast bars, feel free to call or email us!

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