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Are you located in Sheffield? Contact us and order your kitchen worktops today!

Sheffield is a fantastic city. Brimming with trade, life, students from rivalling Universities, and of course tourists who come to visit where The Arctic Monkeys or Sean Bean have grown up. But it is also filled with roughly 500 thousand permanent residents. On average 1 in 8 Sheffield citizens will refurbish their home each year, inserting new cabinets, carpets, panels or other elements for the bathrooms or kitchens (e.g. bathroom sinks or granite marble countertops)

If you are among this group of people, and solid granite or quartz worktops have occupied your mind recently, then please feel free to contact us, take a look at our sample gallery page, use our 3D Kitchen system or complete our free online quote to see how much stone costs!

We are experts in the production, manufacturing, distribution & sale of ceramic, dekton, quartz or natural stone like granite worktops. Over the years our business has already served over 300 customers in Yorkshire alone. Our granite and quartz trade services are reliable and fast; our company may supply, deliver & install granite marble or quartz materials in little to no time. In fact, with Polish Granite, the process of granite quartz installation in Sheffield (& other local areas) from date of sale, can last as little as 5-7 days. All this service is always wrapped in an attractive / affordable price offer, specialists execution and a wonderful customer experience.

If granite or quartz surfaces is something you desire, please email us, give us a call, visit our showroom or browse the rest of our website info content!

Our aim:


Polish Granite’s primary aim is not only to deliver our customers the best possible form of stone-related service (like installation) and top-quality granite / quartz material product. We also want to spread awareness of stone and its applications. Far too often people in Sheffield choose inferior products (e.g. wood or laminate worktops) for design purposes, and end up regretting the decision in future. We want to make a change and inform all citizens that an alternative solution exists. One that can save you money in the long run.

Our secondary objective is to bring superb quality services to all, and deliver a high level of satisfaction to every Sheffield household. In the end, studies show that on average, we spend up to 200+ hours per year in our kitchens, cooking, cleaning, chatting. Our business wants to highlight that granite quartz worktops provide confidence that your surfaces are well-nigh indestructible, thus finally you may get a peace of mind, and a well rounded, stable experience!

Quartz or Granite worktops surface?

This question has cropped up many, many times during our conversations with customers from Sheffield, Nottingham, Rotherham including surrounding areas. To this, we usually offer a simple, yet rather ambiguous answer: it is a matter of preference, in-mind designs and desire for specific style. On average, however, if a customer posesses a modern kitchen, then quartz tends to be chosen. If your kitchen is purely wooden or traditional, then we tend to recommend fitting a granite worktop or marble design for general use in your Sheffield Yorkshire home.


To provide a more concrete answer, we list the range of granite & quartz qualities below. Perhaps a brief summary of all attributes will enable you to make a clearer decision / selection. Take a look :

  1. Quartz worktops: Long-lasting, resistant to abrasion, staining, harsh weather conditions & mechanical damage, anti-porous, matches almost any setting (especially modern, like bathrooms or sink varieties e.g. ceramic, belfast etc.). Quartz companies supply products range available in plain colours including a plethora of bespoke complex designs (choice / selection is abundant), offering easy maintenance, quartzes mirror the beautiful natural stone effect e.g. the granite marble lookalike range of materials. These stone surfaces are flexible during fitting in all kitchens i.e. are an excellent fit for any type of kitchen job.
  2. Granite worktops: Beautiful unparalleled effect of the unique natural stone (i.e. the natural granite patterns will not appear elsewhere: truly one-of-a-kind organic design). Granite is resistant to scratching solid against impacts, heat and harsh weather. These stone surfaces last a lifetime in all kitchens, and are an excellent fit for any traditional setting & natural environments (especially gardens), flexible installation applies.

All in all, both Sheffield granite marble and quartz material are worthy of utmost consideration, because when fitted both will last you for years. If you live in Sheff, Leeds, Barnsley, Chesterfield or other South Yorkshire / Derbyshire localities, and you would urgently need advice regarding suppliers, solid worktops granite, quartz, dekton or ceramic selection, then be sure to contact our customer service sales team via tel phone or email.

Our excellent office / showroom employees are passionate, knowledgeable people who will:

  • answer all your granite, quartz or commercial queries,
  • fill you in on all our offers (and of the suppliers),
  • offer you a free quote, so you may see how much granite/quartz products cost,
  • brief you regarding our surface fitting service, work ethos or other information,
  • take care of your requirements, or even send you a granite sample / couple samples, so you may view the surface in person. This direct supply of info or sample delivery saves you the long road travel from Yorkshire to our showroom, just so you may enquire or view the granite samples or quartz samples on-site.
If our affordable granite and quartz kitchen worktops services sound appealing, then please get in touch with our team via email, contact us by tel phone or visit our showroom!

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