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An undermounted Sink for stone kitchen worktops – ideal pairing for Granite & Quartz

An undermount sink, whether it be stainless steel or ceramic belfast type, is a perfect fit for stone worktops. Slotted underneath the worktops, it stunningly integrates itself with the surfaces – this is especially the case when a recessed drain area + grooves are worked into the shiny, polished surfaces.

An undermount is one of the most common worktop additions chosen by our customers – and it’s certainly no coincidence. The way we create them, beautifully cutting the hole for the bowl/s into the work surface, means that they form a remarkable union with the stone worktops. Regardless of the stone colour you elect, the implementation of undermount sinks will elevate the allure of the entire kitchen.


  • Every extensive granite or quartz undermount sink worktop order will receive FREE set of 5 grooves
  • Custom sink cut outs for any given sink design

Why an undermount sink still remains the best choice for stone worktops:

Under-worktop concealment

Gluing the sink under the worktop means that you expose more of the stone i.e. the key, kitchen component. Unless you have an amazing pattern lining the sink, they do not need to be displayed – after all, in most cases it’s just a bit of metal/ceramic.

Potential implementation of varied sink styles

It’s a very common misconception for people to assume stone cannot be worked into any bowl sink design. Over the 16 years on the UK market, we’ve completed countless sink cut-outs with a broad range of designs: two bowls, one and a half, circular sinks, waste disposal elements, even four butt joined sinks for kosher purposes.

Full integration with granite worktops

With an overmount sink, it’s often the case that the sink, drain area & grooves are integrated. You receive one package of everything and then mount that on top of the stone. And while this option is fairly cheap and convenient to mount, it covers majority of the stunning worktop that you’ve spent a lot of time picking . . .

With undermount sink with drainer worked into the worktop itself (see Recessed Area & Draining Grooves), you get the best of both world: a solid sink and a drainage area that’s fashioned on top of the actual countertop, therefore all the colours and unique details are not obscured by a piece of metal.

Can I request any type of bevel on the inside of my sink cut out?

Indeed. Majority of time our customers ask our manufacturers to put a subtle Pencil Edge on the overhang, but we’ve done a lot of unique polished edges too: Ogee, Pencil Round, Bullnose to name a few.

If you use Polish Granite’s services, you’ll be able to transcend the ‘standard’ look, and request any possible design that peaks your fancy.

Do you sell undermounted stainless steel sinks?

We do not. However, we have a close relationship with The 1810 Company, who produce numerous high-quality undermount and overmount sinks. What’s more, if you purchase your worktops with us, you’ll be eligible for a 15% discount from their entire shop range: from stainless steel sinks to taps or kitchen accessory items. Plus, you’ll get a free delivery on all products.

Despite us not supplying stainless steel sinks directly, we can provide you a Neolith undermount sink for quartz countertop. Neolith is one of our ceramic (or sintered stone) brands that supplies us the slabs. They have recently patented their own range of ceramic sinks – yes, that means a sink made entirely from the same material as your potential worktops. Therefore if Neolith has been on your mind in terms of worktops, perhaps their range of ceramic sinks ought to be considered?

During stone worktop installation, do you glue the sink to the granite?

Yes – every time. Gluing an undermount sink to granite is one of our duties during installation. Once everything is fitted, one of the last steps is to use various epoxy glues to embed the sink in place to the underside of the worktop, aligning it on flush with the edges of the cut-out.

A lot of our customers ask how undermount sink is installed with granite or quartz. The answer is simple: we use special glues to cover the lip of the sink all-around, then clamp everything onto the worktop and leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes. After that the sink is so solidly fused with the stone, that it will remain so even for decades.

Which undermount sink is best?

This is something we always struggle to answer, as there is no definitive answer. It all depends on your expectations from the undermount kitchen sinks. Do you want a waste disposal? A sink separated into two bowl or one giant bowl? Will you want one or two taps? These are all logistical questions you need to answer prior to making a decision. But we’ve noticed that a lot of our customers aren’t guided by functionality, but the appearance of the sink. Hence why belfast sinks are continuously purchased – they are still incredibly fashionable, stylish and quite frankly, very attractive.

In the end, it’s all a matter of taste & personal preference. If you are struggling to pick an item, you can always ask our experts for advice.

Choosing the right sink will also depend on the width of your units. If you’re searching for a sink for 500mm unit or an undermount sink for 600mm cabinet, then these nuances can really impact your final choice. The same goes for the tap placement – remember that a tap always needs to fit between the wall and the sink, so you can’t select undermount sinks that will leave no room on your worktop to drill tap holes.

Can undermount sink be top mounted? I purchased the wrong one . . .

Unfortunately not. The installation type of both sinks is very different i.e. usually the lip on the overmounted sink is built in a way that it cannot be glued from the underside of the worktop.

Is undermount sink better than overmount?

The undermount sink vs overmount debate one we engage in quite often. Our customers always pose the question, but our answer is that they both have some advantages and disadvantages.

For example, your shopping experience for an overmounted sink might be more pleasant due to the generous price tags attached, since their design calls for less work during mounting. Meanwhile a butler sink or belfast sink from Villeroy Boch are naturally more expensive due to the porcelain materials.

In terms of quality, both overmount and undermount counterparts tend to be equal, especially if they are made of stainless steel. Overmounted sinks tend to obstruct the worktops – so that’s certainly something to consider. The depth of undermounted sinks also tends to be greater, and for contemporary interiors, the undermounted option is preferred by interior designers.

Ultimately it’ll be solely down to your preference, budget and your expectations from the sink. If you call us or our 1810 Company partners, we’ll be able to advise you what to choose with deeper context in mind.

Will you connect my sink during installation?

Unfortunately not. We have no plumbing qualifications, so our installation job terminates at attachment of the sink to the quartz worktop.

However, we do have a lot of contacts to professional plumbers that might be able to help you out. If you require aid in the piping installation, please let us know and we’ll send you the relevant email address or contact number.

Contact us, if you have a question about Undermounted Sink Holes!

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