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A kitchen recessed area for your granite and quartz worktops – Why is it crucial for keeping them clean?

The main role of the recessed area (a shallow depression hollowed near the worktop sink) is predominantly to keep the excess water that drips down from your dishes contained within one area. Combined with drainer grooves, the water isn’t only restrained, it’s also channelled down back into the undermount sink.

It’s an elegant solution that enables you to keep your granite worktops clean and water free. It’s particularly important if you rely on hand-washing all your dishes, then drying them on the rack near the undermount sink.


  • Select your custom depth of the recessed area
  • Discounts on the grooves with any recessed area purchase

A custom recessed drainer design for your granite worktops

Curtesy of our advanced CNC machinery and unique technologies, we can make a standard recessed drainer depression of about 1.5cm, or create you a custom one, reaching down as far as 2.5cm. The refined, smooth slopes gradually slant down from the worktop surface into the depression, accumulating by the 5 drainer grooves cut into the granite worktop. There are a number of depth possibilities, and Polish Granite, as ever, is prepared to carry out and match any requests.

We always recommend this functional solution for our customers. It not only suits every stone worktop, or every colour, but also every kitchen type, whether it’s modern and minimalistic or traditional and conservative.

Our stone worktop recessed areas are constantly one of the most desired solutions and worktop additions. It’s appreciated by our most demanding clients (chefs or avid cooks) as well as the casual customers, who only cook to eat and thereafter swiftly wash up.

A recessed drainer for granite worktops: Minimal maintenance

Drainer grooves embedded into the recessed drainer allow the collected water to flow back down into the kitchen sink. Think of it as a little waterfall, that’s forever ingrained into the worktop surface, and forever helping to keep the water restrained between the slopes. It’s not only useful if a drying rack is involved, it also helps to gather the splashed sink water.

If you opt for a recessed drainer on your granite worktops, you’re essentially preventing the water from spilling across the whole surface of the worktop. You don’t want to walk down to the kitchen in the morning, and beholding the unfortunate image of water dripping from the quartz worktops and collecting in a puddle on the floor. Drainer grooves and a well-made recessed area prevent that from happening.

This solution is even more important if you haven’t implemented silicone into your worktops (between the wall and the worktops). Having the water fall into such nooks certainly isn’t ideal, and over time may result in damage to your units, thus affecting the integrity of the worktops.

With the drainer area, you can manipulate the water, to descend back down the drain system into the undermount sink, rather than drying up on the kitchen worktop surface, or worse, pooling in unnecessary places.

Would you recommend the recessed drainer even if we use the dishwasher?

Absolutely. Recessed drainers fantastic little additions to your worktop that stimulate an even bigger satisfaction from the beautiful material. Not only does this solution look professional, but it also serves a vital protective function. Not just for the kitchen worktops, but also for your units, the floor . . . and you (slipping danger also increases if the water flows down the worktop).

To answer the question, this applies even if you have a home dishwasher. Sometimes it’s much easier to simply give the cup or bowl a quick rinse and place it directly on the drainer. This is the biggest beauty of this embedded drainer system – you no longer need a drying rack. You can place the wet dishes directly on the drainer grooves, inside a drainer area and worry not about the spilling.

Therefore you preserve the minimalistic aesthetic, but at the same time, if you do simply want to give a few dishes a rinse, the option is always there. You don’t need to get your drying rack hiding in the attic. Simply place the dishes back inside the drainers.

Do the drainers suit granite or quartz worktops?

All of them. The drainers, including the grooves, have been around for a very long time. It’s not a new solution. But neither is it outdated. It fits modern quartz and traditional granite alike.

The great thing with granite and quartz is that such solution is at all possible. Thanks to skilful masonry, stone can be manipulated, and carving of grooves or drainers is on the cards. This isn’t something you can do with metal, wood worktops or laminate worktops . . .

At the end of the day, which stone you choose is a matter of personal preference and style. Your priority should be to focus on the superb function of the drainers, and the vital part they take in maintaining safety and cleanliness in your kitchen.

If you have no clue about this worktop addition and you’d like more information or pictures, feel free to call us or send us an email. We’ll provide all answers accordingly.

Contact us, if you have a question about the Worktop Recessed Area!

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