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Granite worktop C 35° holes for taps for kitchen sink

When you purchase your worktops, 9/10 times you’ll require a sink, whether it’s overmounted or undermounted type. With sinks come kitchen taps – a vital element of the water-supply system.

One of Polish Granite’s primary services during worktop installations is the drilling of the hole in the worktop for the tap. We do this on site, in roughly 5 minutes and always ask you to point out where to drill. Further, we adjust the drilling to any tap-type, therefore we create custom holes for sinks as well as taps – that includes all brands, even designer taps.

Embedding the tap directly into the worktop is highly recommended. It look seamless, it blends the metallic features into the worktop and it generates a cleaner, more elegant appearance.


  • Purchase your worktops with Polish Granite and receive a FREE tap hole cut out
  • Unlock a 15% discount code for any tap from our partners, The 1810 Company

Why choose integrated granite worktops taps for kitchen sink?

One of Polish Granite’s primary tasks during installation of granite worktops is to cut the kitchen tap hole for every customer. Many choose overmounted sinks, with integrated kitchen taps, under the assumption that this is the only available solution. This is a common misconception. Because even if you choose an overmounted stainless steel sink, you can purchase the compact bowls alone, and embed the kitchen tap separately into the worktop, having it hover above the sink.

The hole usually measures the standard 35mm – not many taps out there, no matter how complex, need a larger/smaller hole. Therefore we adhere to that template and using water, diamond-clad drills and the specialist technique of our fitters, we carry out the drilling process in a clean, quick and safe way.

The pictures below showcase how the holes look upon completion.

If you wish to find out more about the process, feel free to contact us accordingly via the forms on our website, email or landline.

Will I be able to choose the place on worktop where you drill the tap hole?

Absolutely. Unlike with the sink/hob holes, the selection of the tap placement and our execution of hole-drilling is agreed during installation day.

In other words, when all kitchen worktops are fitted, one of the final tasks is to ask for your permission, approval and decision on the tap hole-drilling. The choice is yours entirely – of course sometimes you may be restricted due to the sink-design or the wall-to-sink space, but all in all, the final decision lies in your hands – we just execute the orders.

Do worktop-integrated taps best suit overmounted or undermounted sinks?

Both are very attractive, as long as they are integrated. Whether you opt for the overmounted or undermounted style, the integration of the sink with the worktop will give the impression that the sink is indeed a part of the general whole, rather than being a standalone product.

To us, and many other interior designers this aspect is crucial when creating a modern decor. You don;t want anything to stand out – instead you should seek to blend one item into another. Like an integrated hob and worktop; or the contemporary downdraft extractor fan hoods that are directly implemented into the worktop-design & with click of a button raised during cooking.

Therefore, no matter which sink-type you possess, the worktop integrated kitchen taps will suit either of them beautifully. The most important thing is that you choose such option in the first place.

Do you sell kitchen sink taps or stainless steel sinks?

Unfortunately not. We only sell Neolith ceramic sinks – sinks that are made from the same ceramic material you choose for your Neolith worktops.

Dealing with belfast sinks or steel kitchen taps/sink is not our forte. We do, however, have a close partnership with a business named ‘The 1810 COMPANY’. They are a local, UK, provider of high quality taps, kitchen sinks, kitchen mixer taps, soap dispensers and vast other kitchen-related accessories.

The 1810 Company have a vast collection of sinks and kitchen taps. You can purchase virtually any product: from 1.5 bowl sinks to double of even triple bow sinks, single-lever taps, courbe copper taps, flexible spout taps or complex waste strainers & bins.

The best news is, we have a 15% discount for everything The 1810 Company sell – therefore if you purchase your quartz or granite worktops with us, and select one of their products, we’ll immediately apply the discount on the entire range of selected items.

Will you fit my tap and sink during the kitchen worktop installation?

We do not fit the taps during granite worktop installation. Our fitters do not have any plumbing-related qualifications or certificates. Therefore our job terminates at the delivery of the worktops, the installation, gluing of the sink and drilling of the hole for kitchen taps.

Indeed, we glue the sink itself to your worktop, whatever it may be, using special glues and support systems. But once again, everything after that i.e. connection of pipes, taps, water valves, water filter, mixer tap etc. is not a part of our fitters job. We fit the worktops, glue in the sink, drill the tap hole and finish on that.

Once again, however, if you are struggling to find a professional plumber that you want to connect all your kitchen taps and relevant piping, we can suggest a couple of trusted experts. We have various contacts with people whom we’ve worked in the past, or continue to work with. If you are struggling for options, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email. We’re always happy to provide additional help and advice to all of our customers.

Will I need my kitchen tap during the installation of the quartz worktops?

It is preferable to have the kitchen tap on site. However, as we discuss above, majority of kitchen taps adhere to a set 35mm diameter standard hole. Therefore if we drill such hole, you can purchase the tap at a later date, when you find something that suits your taste.

This cannot be said for the sink. Each sink is different, and every one of them needs to be perfectly outlined on the worktop and be cut on site. Therefore when it comes to sinks, we’ll usually ask you to have it supplied by the templating (measuring service) at the latest. We then take the sink to our workshop and use it when cutting the hole within the worktops.

Can you recommend an online website or shop where I can purchase kitchen taps?

Of course. We have a very good partnership with The 1810 Company. They supply a solid, long-lasting and reliable range of kitchen taps and sinks at reasonable prices. Thus you can experience the meaning of high grade quality, without spending a fortune.

You can use their website to add normal kitchen taps, kitchen taps with included mixer systems, 1,2 or even 3-bowl sinks and a variety of other high-quality products to your wishlist, then contact us when you purchase your worktops, to order you one of their products for a discounted price.

The 1810 Company have an online store, but you can also contact them via phone or email.

Remember, when you purchase your granite worktops from Polish Granite, you’ll be able to use our exclusive discount code which will grant you a 15% off their entire product range.

Contact us, if you have a question about Worktop Taps & Tap Holes!

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