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About Polish Granite Ltd: Who are we & what we do

PolishGranite LTD was founded in 2006 as a small family granite worktops business. From the beginning the company’s main ethos was to serve each customer in the UK, whether it be Isle of Man, Scottish highlands or the East Coast of Norfolk.  The company aspired to serve those customers with professionalism, attention to detail and absolute dedication.

15 years later Polish Granite is continuously prospering and growing even larger. Over that long period of time we have provided thousands of households with stone worktops, completed large projects such as cladding the whole of Manchester Polish embassy in granite or providing many banks with a similar service. We adapted new techniques, purchased new machinery and updated to new machinery to ensure your worktops are manufactured to the highest possible standard.

When it comes to our sourced material over the years we developed multiple partnerships with worldwide granite, quartz and ceramic suppliers, maintaining relationships only with those that truly provide exceptional and flawless product. From the North West of England to shores of Cornwall and beyond, we ensured that stone worktops are implemented into as many households as possible.

Our main headquarters i.e. the showroom and workshop are located in Salford, Manchester which all customers are most welcome to visit from Monday to Saturday.

What's the process of our work? How do you go from contacting us to fitting your kitchen with stone worktops?

Why Polish Granite? What makes us unique?

About us

From selling you the worktops to providing you the worktops, we always ensure your needs come first

Why our work and dedication to the field of masonry is unmatched?

We possess a wide collection of samples, anything from marble to granite, quartz and sintered stone. Our showroom is renowned for containing an incredible amount of physical stone samples.

We are fast, reliable and professional. Our services are a hallmark of hard and dedicated work to the craft of masonry. Therefore our work is unparalleled.

Our prices are very competitive, and whatever your budget, we will try to find you a material and a solution to satisfy your demands.

Collectively our team has over a hundred years of experience in the field of kitchen design, sales and fabrication & installation of kitchen worktops.

Our Main Goal

Our primary goal is to ensure you, the customer, are satisfied

Whether we achieve that by going far and beyond to provide you the product you need, or if we spend hours on end polishing, grinding and cutting your worktops to perfection, whatever it takes to ensure you get a beautifully crafted piece of stone set in your kitchen for a lifetime.

What does our installation process entail?

Installation of your quartz, ceramic or granite worktops is the most important step

And we prepare for that step thoroughly. After allowing you to choose the right material which you’ve fallen in love with we manufacture it in our workshop then deliver it and install it at your home.

We will always ensure the fitted worktops are beautifully cleaned, we will glue the undermounted sink to your worktop and ensure the place of work is always left behind in an immaculate, pristine condition.

Our brands

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